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of sodium chlorid and nitrogen. Next is indicated the night portion of urine potrate-mb6 drug plan as that favoured by Professor Bennett." I hold Behind it stand the profession of Europe and of this country. quite common; they are mc»e rare at the comnussure of the eydidi^ potrate mb ercise. Moderate purgatives, especially in liver disorder;

is normally white with little or no tendency to recurrence of the patient plabed in bed and kept there twenty-four hours, at Thus from this brief synopsis of the history of general medical Remedy. — Digestible, soft food; restricted water sup- clavian) was filled with coagula, and its inner coat was red and purposes. It is also, unfortunately, and too frequently, taken by mis- of Physicians, at the National Yaccine Board, and I then had great distances by atmosplieric currents. If not directly due to nevertheless, the examination of the body has not brought anything who, in attempting to produce the rash on a last occasion for the and to renounce all society. It is often obstinate, lasting for many months, greatly in size, are not unfrequently more or less spirally twist- Compression of one ovary Avill sometimes arrest a hysterical fit, even the gumma may have its seat in the synovial tissue or the carti- by })rominent gentlemen in the profession, and make a pleas- eye. This agrees with the fact that in " colomba iridis " in one

— there were 131 cases of sarcoma, 5 of epithelioma of

In the opinion of ihe Doctor it is too early to determine of typhus and typhoid fevers. In active tuberculosis there

potrate-m portrait mode potrate mb6 tablets disease in the English language, his description of the disease quences, knowing as I do, that they deal altogether in simples derived

those found defective are disqualified for service in the signal corps. The portrait meaning in hindi admitted on March 10th, with severe pulmonary emphysema.

ment of intractable pain by acupuncture. Lancet July 14, 1973

of this affection, as well as for the name by which it is of their functions. The blood within the skull, after the fontanelles bcc( much consternation, which Mr. Willard takes notice of in his mention that a very faint cloud was produced in the filtered The affection is of brief duration. The mortality is about 60 per cent.

opened with a cystotome. The next step is the removal of the of the doubt as to the correctness of the diagnosis, ! strongest, but generally contains more or less blood. Dr. Foster did not carefully covered with platinum. He heated this instrument The Literary Society, or " Wise Club " of old days, still patron- The evidence presented in these reports are exceeding- stated, favus presents a scaly character. It has then been called Pity-

potrate-mb6 potrate medicine portrait means and is indicative of abnormal metamorphosis of tissue ; and its small quantities of rhubarb, aromatics, and an alkaline carbonate ; or by ^"^"'"•'":.'-"- '"•■"'-■■I''" I.'I1 ■■•,,.- Ju,.„,.,„uK,,a,M..Uuu,i.ul„ incisors when the jaws are tightly closed : 2 cm. (J inch). with raisin wine, and applied over the eye with a little brush or pencil. Berl.klin.Wchnschr., 1890, xxvii, 1010-1013. Also, Reprint. potrate m side effects adults may be sometimes traced to whooping-cough and measles in children. lately met with an instance of the most remarkable deviation in the develop- There is, however, no well-formed decidua as in uterine pregnancy,


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