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4. Antonio Mattei De Cardinis' Latin Poem on 'Ave Maria':

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cols, of 18 lines, each 4^x3, no signatures, catchwords (every page), foliation, ff. 1-40, in

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tion had been detected. This maybe so; but to say the least of it,

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ninety cases have presented themselves to the writers, and

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lesions after death, it does not appear difficult to respond.

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our ignorance of the cause of the obstinacy, indeed intractability,

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Begins (1, 1 1°. lines 1-4) : Iustini Romani Epitoma historic Tro | gi Pompei . proemium .

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Kpd.Topo<; ev ra vvv auovi Kal ev toj peXXoVTi | Kal p.era QdvaTOV aAiVos.

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1. Francesco Accolti of Arezzo's Translation of the "Epistles of Phalaris":

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Johnson LG, Strauss K: Diabetes in Mississippi Choctaw Indians. Diabetes Care. 16 (Suppl l):250-252, 1993.

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second word, the continuation diterranevm follows); the left quarter is marked EVROPA,

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matism, scarlet fever, fright, or other ailment, is arsenious

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those that are tarry or pitchy, or black, thin and grumous;, but to

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Bernhard Siegfried Albinus (1697- 17 70) was a German anatomist, professor at Leyden. See

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question; and if we seem to undervalue them, it is only because

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in their vicinity, and who had every attention paid them which profes-

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have been devised, which immediately, or almost immediately,

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in the binding down of ossicles and muscles by bands of

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to cause the cultivation of diagnosis to be neglected, and in doing

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consentement libre et éclairé), ils ne définissent aucunement le cadre juridique de

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pensation usually breaks down rapidly as the left ventricle

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true that, now and again, evidence of stenosis is found in an

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have used much concentrated effort to render the habit of using

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port was taken. 'Continued to do well till ten days ago, when, after

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cumstances the injections commonly resorted to will prove wholly

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beaucoup d'espoir (effet placebo). Pour ce faire, on sélectionne deux groupes de

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Binding : Original, vellum (paper lined), flapped wrapper (after the Oriental style),

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On p. 17 is the 'set off' of a fioreated page, but not of p. 51. A similar remark applies

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sinking at once, indicates a largish area of sub-acute urethritis

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support of their patronage and their correspondence. MEDICUS.

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to add strychnine, or nux vomica. The daily dietary should

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deplorable — scarcely any thing would remain on its stomach — its

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they must be hot and light, and, when they are changed, the

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est elle-même susceptible de variations en fonction du temps, du lieu, de facteurs

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is extremely rare. The earlier and the more pronounced the

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These were truly, clinical (or bedside) lectures, and were valuable.

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seem to differ from that in the arteries of the stomach, intestines,

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same way, using half the fluid only. Now the surgeon closes

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the first appearance of the inflammation thus excited, active remedies

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able to determine the quantity and quality of the biliary secretion

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olfactories seem as intolerant of a "villanous smell" as an inflamed


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