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of any nurse. I desire the aid of all nurses in the effort which

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complete desiccation, (2) large cells consisting of a coarse

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vulva. On consultation it was deemed advisable not to make

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that a.s many English nurses as possible will be present at

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differ very little from those of a degenerative specific disease,

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the action of the nerve elements into the range of chemical

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for several months till the appointment became vacant.

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artery appeared to have undergone dilatation, tlie pulse being

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inspection of the Asylums Board's arrangements for the con-

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s-ime cellars of which the floors were occasionally fl loded with sewage.

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microscope. It will, therefore, probably be warmly welcomed

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IS posted to the Bombay Command, in succession to Surgeon-Captain R.

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upper molar liad been previously stopped on tlie posterior

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bodied labourer required a trifling operation on a frost-bitten

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Humanised lymph might be used — arm-to-arm vaccination it

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There was no discoloration about the vagina. My diagnosis

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In 1882 this theatre was rebuilt, and during the last tew


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