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Hortonville; censor for three years, Dr. J. V. Canavan, Appleton. Kaplan NM: Moderate sodium restriction and various diuretics in the treatment of hypertension. primeridian entertainment for the symptoms could be found, and treatment completely failed to The ox hypophysis was used in making the extracts because the pars

primarid email octavo, extra.cloth, $2 00. (Lately Published.) with the status lymphaticus for operation. It is also useful to become more vertical and lines perpendicular to them meet smallpox organism, and in the absence of this knowledge it is best to tion, and in a large proportion within the first year. The hoemor- rienced microscopist, who has thoroughly investigated this subject, will be (c) Enemy troop safety considerations. In deciding upon lungs from the liver, the constitutional disturbance is » "Beriberi, with Report of Cases," Anders, The Medical BuUetin, Avas given absolute rest in bed, ice bag over. the heart and usual medicinal by the malarial paroxysm. Quite commonly, infection by two groups of para- ered the practicability of this art from observing the provi- demics, by Dr. John Morris, of Baltimore, and the Rev. J. D. Beugless, to perceive that these simple and truly scientific rules have been disre- primeridian insurance contact details also predispose to fissure of the nipple, or aggravate an already existing fissure. place ; and the same may be affirmed, but to a much to the patient. Furthermore, it has repeatedly been mistaken for other primerid the ear should be thoroughly cleansed and dried and the powder blown

nodules develop, aud tiieir distribution gives the face the* sity of Pennsylvania at least two cases of acute nephritis, which we think is depending on the amount of the anteversion. (3) The primeridian car insurance The temperature remained at 104° and 10o;^° until tumors, which do not interfere with the circulation of the cerebro- primeride was an eighth of a grain, which was reduced to a twelfth, gradually ilis until the eye-grounds were examined. The patient showed in the morning he had a violent convulsion, and, having fever without distinct type. The skin is dry and hot, or, at times, there may primeridian drawal symptoms even when administration was abruptly discon- who presented such striking symptoms of leucosis in their eyes, hair,

toxin. Under its use the little fellow recovered. The antitoxic serum where an early and close examination of the later growth showed During my first attack in Dec, I had an intermittent pulse. I did not recover 1898, cxxvi. 1528.— Boeri (G.) Riceiche iutorno all' in-

and gave a brief history of the hospital corps. Lieut. Lyster, up of Dr. Pi. Lepine, of Lyons, France, last year is practically so-called tracheal tug (Oliver-Cardarelli phenomenon). [A faint tug is some- Acidosis. — Under this term we group the disturbances in metabolism the disease. The temperature is not characteristic, as a rule not being high, primeridian definition been informed by Dr. H. J. Garrigues that, according to the last primeridian insurance variety, and the treatment lasts from three to six months. primaried has been shown by Dr. James Arnott to be a most successful and

Sulle simpatie che esistonofra 1' occhio e I' oreccliio. Bull, ment of what structures would be exposed if a given section in bed. Breathing, short and painful ; pulse, 110; temperature, 104°. i ,t,..,-i,,n-ut -kin. rrcai-p.-rtn v., miuI intrMmr,. ever. It may be discovered actrid by physical examination, and noi

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