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twice suffered from hospital gangrene, which had been with dilB-

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drops of laudanum. At 7 o'clock, the pain still continuing, she

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ence with a variety of forms led to the selection of two fishes and

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and join the posterior palatine inmiediately before it enters the

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trization. The great object, then, of the management, is the prolongation

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you and with us, allow me, my dear friend, to repeat, that I at-

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both hands were very deeply divided with similar circular de-

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dus trigemini, but there was a growing opinion that it belonged

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obtained, by taking the square of the cube root of the cerebellar

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morbid changes common to this and other affections, and to other changes,

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to colchicum. My colleague. Prof. W. II, Van l>uren, has employed the

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in pathological character in different cases, the mode of dying is some-

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appearance of the amoeboid gUa cells. Wohlwill (35) declared

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on its medial side Farther anteriorly, however, they become

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The name acute cerebral meningitis denotes, conventionally, inflamma-

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that the patient lost his life by it. Mr. Kirby was never an

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sents an in toto amount of the right nervus terminalis of the same

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had leeches on for thirty-two hours without intermission, (in all

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absence of albumen and casts in the urine, and the early histor}- of the

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Although hypochondriasis belongs in the list of disorders of the mind,

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far the best treatise in our language upon such modi-

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nitic tendency was very prevalent at the time. In puerperal mania

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The literature is extensive and regarding such structures as, e.g.,

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The affection is neuralgic in its character, but it is difficult to determine

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special committee composed of Drs. Clark, Wood, Hamilton, and Flint,

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view to their being used in this manner and they are conse-

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served, in which the effect of this remedy has been more or less marked,

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These processes terminate invariably in rounded knobs. The

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of the dura mater, characterized by the formation of an adventitious mem-

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stitute for bread is subjoined : "Take a sufficient quantity (say a quart) of wheat

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fievre des prisons ; as it can be found from the delineations

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on morbid conditions seated in the spinal cord. The paralysis of the in-

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exists in a considerable proportion of cases, and deafness sometimes occurs.

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most rapidly. Cerebrosides and sulphatids, however, have the

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successful in the previous instance. He destroyed the soft parts

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per cent. Excluding 190 cases at Strasbourg, in which the mortality was

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not as the name might imply b3' the existence of inflammation, but b3' an

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deal for some days, began to diminish considerably ; the fits also

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It is of great advantage to the practitioner to have gen-

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fetus of 121 mm. greatest length, the main nerve bxmdle divides

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TpOTHERGlLL {J. MILNER), M.D. Edw., M.R.C.P. Lnvd.,

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temperature between morning and evening, the difference being, however,

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verted into a smaller one by touching the external opening with


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