Promethazine Routes Of Administration

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Therapeutics. By Dr. A. Darier, of Paris. Translated

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The periosteal elevator not only acts well in supporting the fragments,

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supposed. No doubt they have been the cause of the mydriasis in many

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life. It seemed plain in this case that long and extensive disease had existed

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in certain eye affections. Its use is especially indi-

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quantity of food. The stomach showed subsequently a

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ditions which are not associated with ana;niia. There is no reason why

promethazine routes of administration

13. An Electrode for the Ionization of Silver, Zinc, or

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gave him an injection of i/ioo grain of crotalin. I re-

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subnormal. Stomach showed after repeated examinations

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quested (but not required) that the answers be short; if

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ceded that the mouth and teeth should be kept clean,

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Gaertner's bacillus enteritidis , which Van Ermengen had found in these

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2. Dysentery or Dysenteric Diarrhoea in West African

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McGlannan — Law. — In Philadelphia, on Saturday, July

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was one of the most destructive of modern times ; about 25 per cent,

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Stuart, — In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Monday. .Au-

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The only change observed was the disappearance of the acute pain,

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fort in the region of the appendix. It may be very slight, and yet it

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sutures applied controlling the haemorrhage. The plastic

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tion of the serum by Yersin as follows : The subcutaneous injection into

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being lost, it would seem to illustrate most forcibly the value of protect-

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and she is supposed to be the only woman who has been so

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bloody evacuations, globular lesions, and hemorrhage. It should be rejected

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errors which may be made in the diagnosis of chalazion when accompanied

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erous cases had been reported to sustain this view.

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stool or 10 c.c. of a more fluid stool, each of which

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is that it is due to undue traction on the cord in the

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sufficient. I should think, to warrant a public agita-

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of l)oard of medical examiners to determine his fitness

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regarding the education and practice of the various

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vulgarity and obscenity in his book do not appertain

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since the depressed area described in the intestines in the first case

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the fact that such blood possesses much greater bac-

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my efforts. I began seeing cases that I should have

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