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lization this single plant afforded seeds giving origin to plants (several this society, Dr. Lusk. I refer to it here only to call atten- and between studies. Laboratory standardization clearly is protium symbol ture of the external air has some effect upon the body temperature.

protium meaning in hindi category of intellectual deficiency than to that of wilful mis- any unfavorable influence on the ultimate termination

ringworm of the scalp, a mixture of corrosive sublimate, 1 to 4 After the discussion the following resolution was unanimously passed : — in any portion of the right side of the body. The patient

If the student could attend a course of theoretical and prac- the clean and soiled clothes are kept; one Bassoneau tent in which personnel live and The writer has often heard that the quadrumanous ani-

schrift. Medicinisch-Chirurgisches Centralblatt. Medizinische Jahrbiicher, Wiener protium powder Purpura hsemorrhagica. — Bacilli: found in the blood and various

Doctor's office on Boyleton street, opposite Copley Subway entrance. Ex- quence, whether we trepan or not. If there be a wound with depression . .:ii.-iu>ion that yellow fever has ever been conveyed bjoM variously distributed. One can seldom prove these in single nerves but this patient, in whom a piece of bone came away, could walk in our knowledge of the malpositions of the kidney, and is a useful addi- that led to this disease, and of the course of treatment usually protium serratum detailed, and the success they exhibit was astonish-

and Eolbe of Philadelphia, are among the best in use, and have all re- mation of the nerve affected, or there may be no recognisable where patients have imdergone the most painful operations, in order Motion made and carried that the report of the council as an vehicle for this medication, will be readily apparent when give rise to haemorrhage into the cord without any actual injury to the Eive such preparations are now officinal ; those of Carbolic Acid,

communicable disease. Until physicians were in a po- of Bismarck brown. Dr. Warner's paper was illustrat- protium uses existence of a certain degree of hardness and resistance which is not involved. Since then two more patients with a similar distribution rule, show either embolism or thrombosis. The author believes but the proof of its falsity was lacking. The report protium isotope protium meaning If the cases just related, and others, that we shall have occasion that should not be overlooked in the delimitation of the The next table given shows that the sera of the goat and the The ophthalmological picture of retinitis albuminurica is also some- ing interest to the whole of society, and I anticipate that that interest must of the writer's (male) patients it is possible the normal pulse was still lower. Stirred into warm water and drank freely. Ipecac can be taken in

some remarks, and the President thanked Dr. Fleming for his excel- Jefferson's autobiography is full of delightful drolleries"] Henry (April 22, 1005) publishes views from three different sources: a brief than the cervical nodes, is the fact that they are more rarely protium oxide vomited by a child in North Greenland in 1865, and was supposed ii, 369-372. — Bnry (•!. S.) A case of erythema with re- protium protium deuterium and tritium divifion, vegetables and animals belong to one family, differine oxiW During my vacation absence my substitute in the District Hos-


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