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the JNewcastle-on-Tyne Royal Infirmary on August 31st, 189a.

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sale any such drug, medicine, or mixture not prescribed by

can i take allopurinol during gout attack

eyebrow. There had been a " birth mark" over the eyebrow.

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gical. M. Tu. W. Th. F., 2.30; Obstetric. W., 2.:!0 ; Eye, :m. Th.,

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cases where notification has already been ma.6e nlitnide. They would

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medical friends, which they could always procure more suc-

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Ross's theory that this disease is really peripheral neuritis.

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of small-pox in the borough : and the statements whicli it

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Thomas's Hospital, unknown as Gulstonian Lecturer and

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Davies, A. D., L.R.C.P.Lond. Robin, V. J., L.R.C.P.Lond.

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given to this word in connection with the individual situations must

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Wanchow, for the beautiful microphotographs of the dis-

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"In the process, as perfected by the White Lead Company there is

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warming, water supply, dietetics, and scavenging. The second

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abdominal taxis. A man, aged 20, previously in perfect

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His chateau in the Semmering will afl'ord accommodation for

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tion, that an investigation as to the feeble and mental con-

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Drs. J. Watson Burdwood, J. Spottiswoode Cameron, Chas.

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thickened and deeply congested. On cutting it open, tlie

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lack of officers perfectly competent for that post, and we still

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and orphanages, and public elementary schools. The results

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and ferrueclt/ieit. These terms are constantly used in the

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should regard the case as one of the many in which a patient

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Surg., 1884, Univ. Glas.), who had been summoned to appear

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as a memorial to the late Professor A. W. Hofmann, the dis-

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the population, estimated by tne Registrar General to be rather more

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Dili Id up the '* wai^t " of the b.,dy ; and that " milk is the best food for

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gives an excellent statistical summary of a collection of cases

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tains the iiigh standard of excellence which characterised the

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preparations should at least be distinctly stated upon their


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