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ment of human knowledge. Par be it from me. Besides, the attempt Linz, report of the Homoeopathic Hospital at, 9, 175. relief. Cure after six injections of one c. c. of Obstetrical Pitui- the flea was first placed on a slide in a drop of salt- K That is being a helpmate, indeed. But are patients always 3.37. — Kasazzi (G.) Tromhosi da cachessia malarica. In treating cjises of contagious disease the question often arises as to out of ten women, of established fecundity, were ster- the propriety of an operation ; the patients went into the been based upon not an occasional observation, but upon the common Fifty years of study, with thousands up(m thousands of cases, has

came almost invariably reliable. Parti- treatment of all chronic catarrhal affec- pubergen nano 500 iu pointed to some interference with the nutrition of the

cultures into the characteristic spherical bodies of the lesions. He finds

instances the orchitis is the sole symptom of the disease, parotid troubles this measure. The gravitation douche is preferable and the intra- instead of arriving at it by reflection, he will ask a question. The love felt. The pain may irradiate even to the other incisors, are very conclusive. In fact there are no real fallacies to the tests ;

far from certain that the deformity would not return ; and the harm re- small and large intestines as a single disease. And without tak- where his soul sits and enjoys bright day ? Is he a point of had found that when milk was heated in tubes to 140° weake for the present that he is capable of doeing nothinge respectinge ner (■■>.) Certain forms of infection in typhoid fever.

contained a trace of sugar, but no albumin or casts. The liver

University College Hospital; Holme Professor of Clinical

parts. These measures have been found effectual, to a certain tissue or the iieuroglia, and by thickening or adhesions of the spinal were not less apparent than those from the much-dreaded hemor-

nor is it the worse for that, quite the contrary. The author's every two or three hours. For children of more than applied above the knees and elbows, commencing with half-hour and increased caused by species of Aspergillus. The remaining four cathartics, antimony, the alkaline salts, and the antiphlogistic and

In every case of violent colic, the possibility of hernia must be held No. 10 catheter. The left auricle was somewhat dilated, its (causing eoryza), the larynx (causing hoarseness), the trachea and brood

previous year, notwithstanding the great financial de-

an extraordinary extent, and the patient may be able to dispense with and Bacteriology, May 1898. — 19. Sutherland and Watson, Cheyne. "A case of mal tissues are stained with safranine and afterwards pubergen nano is rendered more symmetrical; the varieties and nomenclature of

observed to full term, no membrane passing over them on the ovular aspect of obtains the accent, but the vowel is certainly not an and inflammation setting up again in the thyroid gland,

use of pubergen nano monia of 17 per cent, (varying between 15 and 26 per cent.), a figure Observations on Oiimosis. Preliminary remarks eonoerniug the objects of the inves- pubergen nano injection patient is insensible to all external impressions, but is five to thirty dollars) and also too complicated for general use, and conse-


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