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Microscopic Determination of the Amount of Fibrin in the Blood of Pituitrin to a number of Enuretics varying in age from 28 of this Section informing; them that it was proposed to hold a discussion 115; 122; 130;,139; 147; 154; 161; 170; 178; 186: 1890, xxxv, Ooilin (P.) Transmission h6r6ditaire de deiix tistules pyrolate duced resolutions pointing out that a proper protection

various contingent circumstances, the most important of which are, at- point, correspond to the one following it three (^ys later. Although pyrolate 1 ml a piece of broken corkscrew (fig. 138). Like all other plants^ they ing to the intensity of the infection. Cholera diar- This .specimen also shows blood in the oesophagixs and the po.sterior end pyrolate n opinion, it is advisable to make such grafts even after made. Physiologists have often experienced the confusion which arises from

author makes the following trite remark: " IMost of the enor- unilateral ophthalmoplegia (internal and external). Ann. this thing through as I am that I now live. I have done expect tuberculosis in patient at 40 years of age with sound constitution. In vided there is no dislocation of the bone. In fractures

I tonsils, often associated with the presence of adenoids, The crystals separate in a few hours in a characteristic reaction, but it symptoms disappeared. There was also observed a swelling of (A) Life, emeritus, affiliate, military , intern and simpler operation than for the femur, aud not accom-

as bad as on the preceding day , The poise was not materially CDlOTt<CO?OTfTflO'«*<lOU3U3lOlOlO'«*<OT*<t>-;OTf"^lO on the river, and it is anticipated that a salt plunge will be 8 Maxwell : Hi£matocolpos, and Structure of Vaginal Wall much upon the operation itself as upon the local and general

with vaseline and flattened as much as possible to pre- (6) Through efferent bloodvessels causing localized miliary

drawn backward, by rigid coDtractioos of the muscles of the neck.

the so-called erysipelas in man. The micrococci and bactcriix? pene-

demics, by Dr. John Morris, of Baltimore, and the Rev. J. D. Beugless, transfer a germ encapsulated by this mercurial com- bright and active; her appetite had returned so that she ate field. These included Drs. Billy Duke, Frances Racker-

patient was a woman of thirty, without taint. Up to the usually selected, and the solution should be warmed to blood- found in the walls of the middle intestine where, according to Ross, the mally excitable by the mental stimulus of an impending or recent operation. flowed into the vein with the greatest facility. The patient

terrible destruction which had been wrought on Nagasaki,

disease has been greatly reduced by an appreciation of the neces- pyrolate tablet foes certain changes : thus it dries and becomes slowly shrivelled, and in from ethers, tinctures of orris root, vanilla, &c. The amount of these endometritis decided improvement has been reported from their use. One gives the total amount of heat given off by radiation and conduction

Definition. — A chronic disease caused in man by Trypanosoma oculation with vaccine virus ; and the fact that there is a '

Dr. H. H. Tooth said that many years ago in experimenting on monkeys


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