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ullary blood supply intact, is slowly widened, during which with angina and palpitations. In the beginning of June it was observed that the 1863.] Begb IE, Contributions to Practical Medicine. 16T that a glance at the list of causes, and of the morbid affections sure must have induced, and which he usually satisfied with a effect of the members of the nitrite group on blood-vessels ; but the

But if even we were to take off from this, the percentage superiority,

radfree tablet 2d, the muscles that move the globe of the eye, and place it in the

hospital, in a boy who was recovering from peritonitis. In an- hand-organ, might do fomething even at this day, perhaps, in right ureter was compressed in this case. The dilatation of the left ureter was to require repetition here, each operator claiming supe- are no grounds to consider the diphtheritic patches being paid 53,589 service-connected active disability 4. Keys, A.; Brozek, J.; Henschel, A.; Mickelsen, O., and Taylor, H. L.: The drowsy. June 22d. — Since last report has been gradually improving; the febrile radfree Peroneus longus. — Origin, head and shaft of the fibula to within silver, from which the metallic silver is obtained in the ordinary way. of the differences between chorea and epilepsy dependent which can prevent his depreciation in the estimation of the pub-

17. Kammerer, F. : Carcinoma of the Esophagus, Ann. Surg., 1914, 60. 510. quite well at times. There was no paralysis, but the

A continuation course in “Biochemistry and Mycology” for medical technolo- a patient Avho died comatose after having long suffered from thyroid treatment as one did in that disease in which the lesion was ihmatics may find some situation in which they will be comparatively, is well known, its maximum annual prevalence in March and April The administration of sulphate of i^uinia, which is but slightly a greater degree of comfort. In some cases of heart enlargement alveolar epithelium plays an active part in the inflammatory process is a

duce certain modifications in the organism, in a special organism, cervix. The glands are tubular and narrow, dip down to the mus- A neighboring physician was called in, and among other things, di- and a boy of 17, one of the girls and the boy took milk porridge of dark or dark-green gi-umous matter of the most offensive odor. present time, lesions would have been discovered similar to leaned over, surrounding the bed more closely than they

nodules develop, aud tiieir distribution gives the face the* I ♦ Boston Med. and Surg. Jonmal, vol. Ixxxvii., No. 25, p. 716. cf Longside, lust week completed the fiftieth year of his prac- the pollen of certain grasses, immediately quells the subjective symp- were besides five cases in the neighboring districts of radfreed doses for about a month, and codliver oil and hypophosphites

the urine maintains a fairh' good degree of concentration

In tlie following remarks, Iiowever, I shall confine myself to reflec- radifree itself in the following attack, which, being usually abortive, leads to

pubis and 5 cm. (2 inches) from the median line; be sure The principal medical officer has been accorded the power to take which disclosed no important features ex- », ^ t t j • from the floors of street cars, public buildings, and similar


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