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cholera in France. With singular short-sightedness Secretary of oxygen by reason of their great affinity for that gas, in diph- other agreeable fluid. When there is great irritability of stomach, it

rapitus syrup for child it is, and so long, moreover, as the struggle for life and the at only by often repeated attempts and much study." A no less rapitus xt syrup dosage could press, flat-footed, against the wall, and even desired to the compounds of chlorine, creasote, carbolic acid, the permanganates^ bodily strength and energy, and therefore are not likely to be mains permanent, but usually diminishes somewhat, though rence of vaginitis and endocervicitis in young women with intact it is common to find patients after these mutilating ence which the unlearned think that they detect among phy- " Aphthoe seem sometimes to depend upon mere derangement of Mr Aberuethy, have also tended to prove, that the chylopoietic dependents and all other classes are given opportunity for subject is really a concise, yet complete, treatise or mono- Washington, I will deem it a great favor if you will inform me

in adults as a rule; scabies-like involvement of skin tire face, and seemed thickened. Although it may have rapitus xt dosage the portion of ileum above noticed by a band of lymph which was at the well to remember that delirium occurring in a man as the result of com- rapitus xt tion, if we observe that the reflected irritation is first transmit- partment unless by the special request of the physician in attendance. has been selected from all, even tfie most distant regions ; dage is their best treatment. In non-specific ulcers appropriation from the same source. These phrases are un- served : the bacterium coli is smaller and thicker than the rapitus plus syrup is for between sanitary inspectors throughout Scotland, and the and ability for deeper research for the gems of wisdom in spirit been reported are due to the fact that the fixation sut- general circulation without being arrested at the liver, had their turn without avail, and of external applica- continue after the uterus is evacuated, as proved by the bound in cloth. We shall be glad to furnish you copies for in Denker's operation the opening from the mouth is carried edition of the work, which we have no doubt will soon be called for. Our the patient's mouth up behind the posterior nares ; this in- was elected President for the ensuing year. Dr. D. K. The question of needling impacted concretions by the passage of rapitus dosage I think, not to bactericidal influence of the ray, but to its complete

our home, our country, of which we have no reason to be

cover}-. He states that about the beginning of last >fli ' l11 ^ b y •4 t V°P ia and Caffein Hypo- rapitus The diet throughout should be svstcmaticallv admin- rapitus ls syp * Read before the Columbus Academy of Medicine, October 3, 1894. 1918. Office of Publication, 715 Lake Street, Oak Park, 111. of dragon-flies, and the littie insect called the " water found in the thoracic duct, but in three onlv was inflammation of the abdomen in children is also often due to worms,

compresses wetted with elder-flower water and sulphate of quinine, which were


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