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cure was due to the means designated, this case is quite unique and note-
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Ilfote to Contributors. — All communications intended for insertion in the Original
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parts prevented the application of absorbent tampons. In this hopeless,
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' Read before the Medico-Chirurgical Society of St. Louis, Jan. 7, 1890.
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2 weeks, until the patient can do a full day's work.
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The proposition to open both mastoids was now entertained. An incision,
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tive medicine nor therapeutics in any way aided the burden which
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hereditary origin, would it not be well to know the number of
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groups, to control the administration of their craft and the sale of
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the disease is due to the continuing action of the poison, and that this may
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of life in a distant climate or years in a sanatarium when his lung is
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characteristic ; the temperature rising suddenly to 104° F. In other cases it
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observers, there was really a diminution in red corpuscles in most of
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various learned sources. A glance at these maps graphically shows the
cyclic vomiting syndrome and reglan
and the ileo-colic ; and where the mesentery is absent it runs
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did, assisted by Dr. Adamson, and without difficulty we reduced
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It is entirely a result of the modern progress of clinical medicine and
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movable, and in normal position. There was no palpable masses in
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Inguinal Hernioplasty; Internal and External Urethrotomy; Suprapubic
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subjecting them to a climate of which the leading characteristics are the
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disease existed in the bronchi and the parenchyma of the lung. I was
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ometer, the wells of the locality became impregnated with the smell of
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complicating phases and the ultimate outcome. In spite of the thorough
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3. That many cases are due to essential and specific syphilitic infiltra-
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phthisis, in 13 patients; the drug being administered 155 times in all. In
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been for some months much relieved by antipyrin, but latterly this had failed ;
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not apply to the general medical treatment of ulcer, but merely to cases
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In the majority of cases of meningitis of fatal termination, examined by
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about the caput coli, and the phenomena of typhlitis are present. The
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Bulletin, issue of February 1, 1895, it was my privilege to call
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Fehling {Centralblatt fiir Oynahologie, October 26, 1889) does not approve
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diffuse kidney inflammation and j)ya3mia. With my present experience
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Case 5. J. V. D., Druggist, age, 66 years. This patient's previ-
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ing from the liberation of nascent oxygen. The patient is then
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