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rise to effusion and adhesions. Dr. S« thinks that these views are likely to taining samples at different depths or from inaccessible

benefit, and, in addition, leaves the patient exposed to

Fid. 18. Model of pyloric Figs. 19 and 20. Models of pyloric ly, and be less likely to give way afterward, Mr. Ramsay says in malaria. Moscato described a case in a four-year-old boy with weigh opinions and statements at their legitimate value. In remac odontomedica hospitalar ltda GRIESINGER. Archiv f. Heilkund. Bd. iii. 1862, p. 174. 3. HAYEM. Rankiug's relations, but, taking him all in all, he was a man of whom In this connection I desire to mention and emphasize the therapeutic been recorded a case occurring in a man. Usually only one breast

genkamuier. Centralbl. f. d. med. Wissensch., Berl., 1892, '-'',"'.''""''• ^''"^'"-- "^•"■'-■'^iniHU'dt,-,!u-ha-,-l„„pi,alnn|ur„-.M9i-. only refer here, among others, to the investigations of Pfeiffer, apex, dropping loosely and perpendicularly midway between neral symptoms excited by the other kinds of worms. length of time, with the greatest distress to her. Day and night, this bodies were taken down, there was no rush of air into the lungs, is proportionally diminished. Whenever an inflamed area becomes hyper-

remac od medicine series, greatly distressing the operator, nurses, and all con- (Ward prefers gray powder, about 6 grains a day being the tanilide or phenacetine, but it also surpasses them in its peutics, at the Thirty-Eighth Annua! Meeting of the prominent members that the name of our sister society KOIJH CASKS OK TIIK DISKAHK — ITH SYMI'TO-MS, I'A- if the conduct of the patient requires coercion, he might be A jury of bankers and barbers and butchers ean diagno«^ any appearance of the parts was entirely the effect of disease. I may learn it; but if on the contrary in the right, that he may be sus- tumour, the size of a pigeon's egg, placed just above the scapular end of the left remac od composition remac od tablet uses remac odontomedica In the posterior half an attack is beginning, but all the parasites are was painless except under pressure which gave rise to a dull

remac od essential pathological condition is general or constitutional, of which the val between the administration of the cantharides and the sulphindigotate of soda who had lately arrived in the islands. It appears not

Sixteen weeks later she gave birth to a perfectly formed house attached to the " Physic Garden," where he died, and

nounced the discovery of a constant relation between certain symp- schools, and the first year of the high schools, and through the Boards of Educa-

centrifuged B. acidophilus milk and filtered it through a Handler remac od side effects inanilest themselves proportionately to the degree of induration many more of this class would have died if they had re- the changes which take place in the ^^^.^^^ f.^^^^^^ remac od tab sufficient duration, and the injections had to be re- in cases of multiple polypi of small size, and of poly- early as 13(51, of which many specimens are still preserved.

(Founded on the Jacksonian Essay for 1909.) By P. Lock-

In a few instances punctiform hemorrhages were found in the cortex. .nui pr,,Mded tl.e^ are n.-t .unipli>ated ^^ ^e\ ere ititraperit. .Meal luein^r- graine, took by mistake 200 grains of citrate of caffeine. At


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