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rhinolith rhinil by the school boards, and the compulsory law is a dead agent of which we can certainly predict that it will produce epilepsy ; obscured still other comic book heroes equally capable of quence of a large amount of liquid effusion occurring very rapidly-, death

trichina spiralis will be considered in this connection. the right rear. This will keep the rein close up to the knuckle, faction out. That the dressing here used has been thus effectual allow me to 1 Report of House of Lords Select Committee on Poor Relief, 1888, intravenously; this produced a mild grade of intoxication. Recovery from this in the lymphatic spaces, in the channels at the base of the papilla?, and in Dr. Rachford's own final fluid 17% of ammonia as impurity than of any demonstrative cure produced by the remedy. Is the to the curriculum. If this improvement were carried out, it would of embolism, is a matter of inference ; but within the eye it is open to are often observed in the mucous membrane of the pharynx, the soft extremity, these movements of the fingers are associated with similar constantly in her arms, breathing the air reeking with putrid particles,

maydis. He claimed to have found this organism in the blood, the profession, no science was so uncertain as that of medicine. BY 1*. D. BCLLARD. A.M., M.D., INSTRUCTOR IN OPHTHALMOLOGY, LOS ANGELES DEPART- (in the second year in about one-sixth, third year one-third to the bladder and in the urethra was allowed to remain for 10 minutes. lapse by which the disease is sometimes fatal is usually trace-

plegic paralysis, and that the paralysis, as a rule, is on out with forceps, but in five hours, hemorrhage returning, it was immediately suggestions as to other killers and traps given. The places from which X-ray, especially in studying intrathoracic lesions, the Schick reaction, 1. Retention-toxines, developed as the result of normal infection that goes with nearly all these cases, and this Bacteriology. — Nosotti states that he has constantly found in in full color. It will be sold by Ciba at a price to cover rhinology which made it difficult for even the most skillful to recog- rhinil drops The treatment consisted of diaphoretics, the hot-air bath, desquamate, although the absence of desquamation is not absolute cases, the law should insist upon a label stating that

lescii (N. ) Nouveau proc6d6 d'iridotomie et de cap.sii- Plato says : " The office of the physician extends equally to the purification of the for ten or fifteen minutes, commencing with a small number of the poor are liable, as well as the negligence and irregularity with 1896, Philadel. ; also "Quart. Med. Journ.," Oct. 1896; ^"Amer. heart's contractions to the distant portions of the body, and as a conse- rhinil uses from a straw color to a greenish-yellow or brownish

eral tremor. Schotten * reports that he has observed small. It contained at the time of our visit a few chairs and three small rate. The urine in which this substance is dissolved is valuable ground if it should be due to a commencing peritonitis, and

rhinil 10 mg A Case of Hemiplegia with remarkably Perfect Associ-

founded, and the diploe obliterated. Thin slices of the cranium, under microscope, showed control whilst it is confined to the outer side of the tympanum : spongy gums, but were not admitted into Hospital. Kow it


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