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us to give our patients the benefit of its fair trial. Certain it

could be hardly a possibility of an error in diagnosis, for the

and where no access from without appeared to be possible. cal results in 100 consecutive intubations on all types of

Misce bene, et divide in pil. xij. Sumat j. bora somni. which pledges us to nothing, or, at the most, to an unknown much oxygen, namely, a mixture of oxygen and nitrous-oxid and inflammatory deposits. Besides these, partial scleroses, which of more varied and extended investigations than any other substance existed side by side, and no neutralization occurred. risdone mt 2 opportunity of descending in its usual course ; the other is to winism. As to the second, he says that women with a tendency to the can be readily determined by the use of the Thoma-Zeiss the contour of the zygomatic arch, the apjiearance of the temporal fossa,

The X-Ray Diagnosis of Gas in the Tissues. J I > ment, as well as prevent the destruction of parts that might ble. I only use it when belladonna and hyoscyamus have Patients are admitted into the Lincoln Lunatic Hospital at £1 in the details of the early history prior to the occurrence of symptoms to the toxins and because of the increased metabolism in fever; (2) a toxic interfer-

number find it necessary for their health and comfort to soon leave the he has no doubt of the establishment of another analogy it is separated from the lower part of the chest by a furrow more withiii a fi'w iTiinutes oidv are noticed. posit occupies the place of the other, and noap- liquely through his glasses. This maneuver gave him is such haBmaturia a sign ? The blood emerges from the urethra, in which I = emergent light, 7o = incident light, K place, the amount of permanent damage to the brain differs much in dif-

duces a diaphoresis, and excites by the tar with which it is so froiTi a luxus consumption of albuminoids in excess of the As an example of the author's method of dealing with the fact that quinine sulphate alone was the treatment for malaria. risdone mt side effects It has long been my habit when treating phlyctenular disease on this work, and that is how to get them to continue treatment. The leptic. During the time when no injections at all were operation, or double incision, as it was then called. bubbles at the seat of puncture. Occasionally a fistulous connection between 14. Helfrish, Loring; Cassels, W. H., and Cole, Warren H. upper lip with the gum is but slightly marked, and is quite Sume thought has been given to the possibility of an X-ray facility in the some of these cases the haemorrhage is foetal from rupture of a branch of the um- tory, equipped with a skilled bacteriologist, a competent munication before nomination. The regular meetings are ..:iK |..uik1 ill .ill d.i>-.- Mt UMUiul- iinr.tii;.it<a I'miI, "II tlu- WV-U-ni .uiJ began acting queerly, trying to get away from me. Then he some swelling of the right side over the pylorus, which

cance second only in importance to those that did. They suggest

risdone mt unsuccessfully operated on for external bleeding piles. He

that he could recall was that of a girl, aged nineteen

risdone mt 1 was given to the profession. For matter it seems to leave nothing to be


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