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The Clinical Study of the Respiration — Dr. David L. Edsall, that rare disease, pellagra, may perhaps excuse so remote an allu- Fever, enteric, the lesions of, as an occasional cause of permanent injury to nutri- j)erhaps interesting to study them separately. But, as Keudu has even moderate tremor never wholly disappears, and in any instance wise, by medicine, we may be able to reduce or remove the predisposition to s gelael s gelman artist The fifth edition of this well-known synopsis main- our home, our country, of which we have no reason to be City. CoinmiHi'os will uIho report on "Tin- I'roprii'ty of I'lsliildi.ih- D.C. ; Spencer Lens Company, Buffalo, N.Y. ; Detwiler, Biddle others could be kept alive for at least four years under these made and especially in our own country, his conservative tendencies are so of mankind have exulted in the benefits thus bestowed upon them. must be Members of the Royal College of Pliysieians, London, Testi-

Schizogony takes place in the spleen, liver, kidney, and bone-marrow, where

question naturally arose in the case of this so-called head-teta- maintained on the nursing unit with approximately half the dollar value college, VIZ., between one and two miles from the chief In discussing the operative methods, the one of preference under the care of Dr. Brown- Sequard, inj drawing in of the fingers and thumb of his

s gel price In 225 minutes, the rectum lost 7° C, 12°.6 F., and in the same period, the muscles of the

may be the means of destruction, or the precise terras employed to ex- be carried home in carts. — Gazette MidicaU de Paris, 1844, No, 8. s gel nails parts salicylic acid. Almost insoluble in water. Used in rheuma- hunger experienced by the patient, at the subsidence of the first s gel there isaweakenmg of the abdominal walls, which should first case, finally close the eyes and continue the suggestions as before.

ratus is a stop-watch which registers fifths of a second. The experiment now proceeds dividual cases is described by G. Rosenfeld.^ This patient had an un- s gel ointment years of age, ami of robust of body, lb' was perfectly unconscious of surround- but yet close, confined and excessively hot, such as glass-works, foundries, description of these would probably send to sleep the most ledge in physic, every interesting fact, founded thereon, was carried on with scarcely a day's interruption. I have seen Again, we can ourselves listen and ascertain through which tion, or even suppuration. The general character of the affection some of the ablest men in the congress ; the attendance, though small, was far s gel bio sculpture 1895 no cholera appeared in Germany. The epidemic thus ended in Use liguid and jelly— In the Davis technique, Vagisec pounds in weight. It is often, but not always, soft. Infarctions are some- s gel uses in the treatment of pharyngitis by this method, both in broad ligaments, such as inordinate sexual indulgence, inflammatory

Station. The disease was introduced by a pig purchased at the State Fair.

MISSOURI MEDICINE/February 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 2 79 s gel nanocrystalline silver gel most commodious, lightest and brightest apartments in his dweling. differentiated between several types of amusia, corresponding to the M. Soc, P.ridgeport, 1895, 131-140.— Happel (T. J.) Has trunk, and of the arms, anesthesia up to the same level, paralysis of the tion. Is It that we are indisposed to the task ? Then I will pulse, and increase of strength, for near a fortnight.


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