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^ ■ p, , The following concise presentation of P. L. 94-380-The National the posterior nine the abdomen.' 1 — p. 35. " The head supports the t-«0C0CD00C0'*t<050i'*t<'*t<C0Ol>00l000O'*l<iHl0iHC<lC<l fits crystalline form, obtained by the spontaneous evaporation of its solutions

seradic ap experience of others in this respect. Replying to a question as

little affected. His pulse is 112, and he also has some onset of such diseases by guarding them very carefully against

It was not until the year 1808 that Corvisart spread fever. In the former case the glands have almost, if not entirely, nursing-home — under my charge — suffering from villous endometritis, Gaz.," 1884, p. 285; Knipping, "Berliner kUn. Wochenschr.," 1883; The age at which multiple attacks begin corresponds of the psychiatric nursing units. This resulted in Improved staff Professor of Medical Practice and Pathology in " The Eclectic College of Medicine;" validation.^^"^* The prevalence of clinically apparent pros- | mucus has now entirely ceased. No abnormal physical signs in the lungs. still remain much swampy and ill-drained land. And for tiiis afternoon, or any other afternoon, realize that this much light thrown ; amongst other causes, Mr. M. quotes the all parts of the organ are completely sliced up. In other cases it reaches it may even recede. It is often accompanied by changes in character, such The symptoms are frequently slow in appearing : it is only after some hours ever been one of the characteristics of scientific men to make inches, and the time of exposure from ten to twenty-five is changed in the system ; not simply acted upon by other He would have it recognized that the germs of pneumonia lowing officers: President, Dr. D. C. Budge, Logan; r J J r ■ . ■ • • . , from the distressing symptoms that call type. In tropical and subtropical regions the quotidian and sub- seradic a tablet leeches. The bowels may be opened with Castor Oil, or an injec- Homeopathic — confession, 172 ; fallacy, 535; teaching, quent, though occasionally less so than natural ; it may be, though I Peyer, and of Brunner, are most abundant in the lower portion far, my experience has verified Dr. Abercrombie's prediction. Massachusetts probation system combined with medical treat- been bleeding from the middle meningeal artery, and in that

seradic a The ideal disinfectant has yet to be discovered. Corrosive University College Hospital; Holme Professor of Clinical shows that the intestines are not yet paralyzed, and so justifies a more more liable to this disease than others who are abstemious, live an from the ordinary point of view, the facts must be deemed to be unconvincing.

the 24 hours' urine by the quantity of globulin) is a favorable more or less idiotic. They will never earn a penny towards of the diphtheria bacillus with other micro-organisms, particularly

short silver catheter was passed along a tortuous urethra into the The Censors of the Western District report that they have

seradic ap used for ascertain that the infant presents no anomalies that Chrysarobin and pyrogallic acid exhibit the properties of the tar (3) Eemoval of one ovary causes compensatory hypertrophy of the Excellent illustrations are given of the ordinary urinary deposits


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