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apply to the murmur. The murmur occurs just before the ventricular sys-

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cutaneous junction. At this point the proximal seg-

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Dr. Catley said ordinary glycerine jelly became yellow and


a certain manner. I may illustrate this point by the



tion, yet if the volume of water be at all considerable, its high




blood flows in more freely from the pulmonary artery.

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colleges, as well as those possessing no diploma, to submit to an examin-

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Victoria Station, London, on Thursday afternoon, June 20, at

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tion, and we must remember that we must eat if we live,

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imperfectly stretched. The palate and tongue were unaffected. There was

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of the native army and gaol population. Ho shows that one

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a cutaneoua overgrowth of low vitality, pinkish or blaish-pink in color,

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to the Assistant Editor, L. M. GRIFFITHS, 9, Gordon Road.

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course of treatment, persevered in for a length of time. The

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serpina6 deficiency



from cancerous disease. He had been a hard drinker, and


form seizures, consequent upon an over- ages at Hamburgh. — Ibid., Sept, 3, 1859.


Deafness from gunfire was very common among gunners, who con-

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Those of superficial origin are termed anal fistulae, while

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This is a solution of arsenic in diluted hydrochloric acid. It was formerly

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a syphilitic child, and may infect the mother either directly, or indirectiy

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that the diminution has progressively become more considerable, which is

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the use of Tyree*s Antiseptic Powder. Its composition, I understand,

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Dr. Chandler said that last mouth he had seen at the

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instances an alteration of the existing presumption of responsi-

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(in the absence of expectoration) with certainty by ob-

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with parasites, which may readily be demonstrated in stained


The author sought, by comparison of different cases of dysmenorrhcea, to

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two cases that occurred the same year were mild, whik

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is, perhaps, most probably attributable to the bronchitis, which, according

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late Surgeon City of Dublin Hospital, 49 Merrion-squaro, E., Dublin.

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1905, from the extern maternity, suffering from a ruptured

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not sometimes open to bestow as well as to accept. I have learned,

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