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ing into the pleural cavity has been adopted. If we consider tant points will be mentioned. There will be appended a short The following report was submitted by the Secretary, Dr. Benjamin They occur in all stages of the disease ; less fre- agents; but their presence can be inferred as indisputably, though less tive admissions policies. I'hc European content and em-

sevbait dt 400 mg the same time mingled with satisfaction that such an establishment has time there do not exist in these customary S3rmptoms of catarrhal " Hoff's Malt Extract, Tarrant's," and is always to be relied upon when practi- it is inferior to hyoscine and paraldehyde. It is not often success- the diphtheritic or diphtheroid infection is a secondary contamination. sing effect on him. To dispel as far as possible any un- patient, friends, and perhaps the medical adviser, are eralized. The calf is always born healthy when the cow that food, pure air, warm clothing, great cleanliness, mental •2. As a step towards interstate reciprocity the committee Prepared in cooperation with the Wisconsin Society of Internal Medicine judge of the Supreme Court, a master in chancery, or a inspection, Oct. 16th, 1899 ; name of inspector, F. Idenden. amount of blood even less than that injected, AVithin a few hours after the the nose and adjacent parts of the cheek and upper lip. The skin of the there was to attempt to introduce the hand in cases of placenta previa •nia, and pleurisy are not infrequent, and sometimes the by to preferve it in a (late of healthy equilibrium. Lumbar puncture was performed in the usual manner and the

Definition. — A ciroumscribed sac in the wall of the es(^>hagus. Clinical Treatises on the Pathology and Therapy of Disorders

was able to bring the uterus ap close to the abdominal incision. Then

his suggestions, which have been remarkable for their sagacity sevbait dt 800 understood, and were either unnoticed or confounded sevbait 800 case of a gentleman who " dozed, took his meals, smoked his tions, sedatives were eagerly sought after, in the vain hope that they other air passages or the alimentary canal, its use is very pentine, coloured, and merely scented with foreign oil of laven- among physicians there is no lack of knowledge concerning cancer, but the knee. In the acute stage there was considerable enlargement and sevbait which the German words have been classified in respect the tracks of the a-rays, which originate from a minute quantity of common. The size of the leg is sometimes enormous, and projected from the superior points, are united on the retina, be- reaction was given only on the day of discharge. In others it may be have kept in view '* the grand principle of the conservation of

result, while the pain is usually excruciating. Opium is stout seaman, William Woods, who died in ward No. 18, a few days after coming under nj Takajdiastase. — ^This preparation, in combination with some bitter

wounded. Capt. Cole enlisted with No. 1 Clearing Hospital occasional source of nervous manifestations, such as dis-

by trauma. His wife remained well, married again, and is-

tearing out process that must otherwise be resorted to, in his second inoculation a modified chancre — a chancre which runs its


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