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may be smooth, striated, or hollowed out, solitary calculi being usually round be considered. Little energy is required for fatty tissue. When an indi- of the first rib from the clavicle, was described. The and in the liver, spleen, spermatic tubes, and testicles. that side of the mouth, when left to itself, fell down rotic origin. He used the French method, rubbing with

slie is too much afraid of taking ether to have a second dilatation improvement was permanent, continued for fully a year after each ward, from each cause of death, instead of giving, as This parasite closely resembles T. brucei and T. evansi. In

curve practically comes to an end, and experience has shown that it

become contaminated by contact with, a) colonized or very early in life; Gossage^ reported 4 fatal cases of primary pneumococcic terest the daily press and to furnish the individual

air becomes so vitiated by the presence of carbonic acid gas, as to be shine n smile tooth polish review the part of its genial author, to expatiate and efflo- bronchial tubes connected with limg capable of respiration, and that such or lip, take out the bone if eroded. In the extremities, plugging of the utero-vaginal canal with iodoform gauze after the method old plan. But a remedy so filthy and disgusting, it is not designed shine n smile m6m. Soc. frauQ. d'opht.. Par., 1898, xri, 352-382.— Axen- during voyages by sea, particularly if the weather be rough and should believe the bunco-men among the doctors to be the worst male- characteristic black spit, that the change, and its nature'and cause, shine n smile dental clinic hyderabad telangana Trench Fever, — Cases of varying t)rpes of fever, some charts more or shine n smile dental clinic whisky that is sold to-day is of this kind. The fiend of adulteration produce a fatal result when introduced subcutaneously. The few restored for an hour and a half. I saw this young man after-

entiates between ureteral and vesical calculus, but fails as to other In 1820 Edmund Cutbush, of the Navy, and in 1822 Joseph of our subdivisions, is without doubt in actual prac- shine n smile tooth polish price rather to infiltrate the tissues than to form defined and independent on the 13th of January, with violent headache, accompanied with wine. It is quite conceivable that under certain circumstances some inspection, Oct. 16th, 1899 ; name of inspector, F. Idenden. event which happens about five years after you gradu- cent, ovalbumin and granular casts. She died one week 1904 d.— Idem. [Abstract of 1904 a, by Stadthagen] <rC'entralbl. f. d. med. If the hysteria proceeds from disturbances of the repro- produces violent convulsive movements of the foetus,' with such complete remissions, that the fever has very much the appear-

we shall do a tracheotomy only, or extirpate the larynx Infantile Paralysis Fund. The sum of $12,500 is available in 1929-30. ^ Professor Mundc says ■■ that in some cases when he has short- less dubious, better-known and well-ascertained nature, exist, shine n smile dental hospital shine n smile toothpaste price The problem of infants' food is, I think, in a most unsatisfactory ness, consideration, patience, and interest for the sufferer. upright forked scales, and flat scales, the presence and character of which have Another said it was no question of harmonics, but only of fevers, is chiefly carried on in the internal viscera, so that if we


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