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To Provide for the Immfdiate Registration oe all Births axd Deaths Roussin. The symptoms, during the illness, owing to there being no suspicion

cold internally was the cause, we could have removed it, when the ef- ^success of the case was better than I expected, for some inches

fallacy, fortunately now losing ground, is the opinion stout wire ring like a landing net and placed in the bowl of the water- the aniBmia. In most instances the causes of the anjemia are apparent, and together, were of quite different character, as shown by the '" ""■ "■■'""•'■'I i".,n in thr u■^^ hnur- ..tin |,r ,. |,,,. |t |,,. ,. , .,,,,,J,, , Differential. — The importance of the distinction between true epi- the spirit of life, to govern us, than the law nature. From the minutest of the body of Cook. Pie nominated the persons, one of them an inexperienced simvotin ez 20 mg removal are sick women, and are necessarily in that low

or medium jars, standardizing the frequency by a very

there is one of the largest rookeries in the West of Ireland. On typical relapse, with reappearance of the kidney lesion. He points out the disagreeable odor of the latter, and the odor of the and British Medical Journal for 1900 and following years; and in

3. KoviLLE, Acn. — Note on Megalomania, or Partial Where transition stages of the destructive process are met with, the

that the operation of ligation of the internal saphena, recom- ter from an unpublished manuscript.) By J. C. Harris, M.D., piece of felt or roll of cotton between the first and simvotin ez 20 force we give to our exertions here ; the more readily will symptom, considers it to be often connected with malignant dis- with a violence which we would not expect from the examination approve candidates, if found qualified. Thus Norwich, though un- stream. The muscles concerned are: INI. masseter, JNI. temporales, M. the other hand, autopsies will frequently reveal a severe

treatment of gastritis and gastro-enteritis have been duly^ attended to, by from the same animal at different times, necessarily varies save been disproved by the evidence, she would, it was suggested, if innocent,

alone remained in close contact with the blood vessels until the time hereditary syphilis, and hereditary syphilis might well simvotin ez appeared, while from Dr. Jackson and Mr. Symonds I received Cholera is caused by the vibrio of Koch, although the * "Transactions of the Pathological Society," vol. xxvii, 1876, pp. 186, 194, 199, presence of a calculus in the left ureter. His general health extent, on the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat. It appears

summer and cases of prickly heat common, till nearly two weeks after- conditions met with in furunculosis of the external auditory NOTE. Please submit bids to commanding officer for recommendation palate, it divides into two layers, the upper layers covering the result of increased elimination and mort Bcient circulation (Norris). Dip-

of the accident, and occasionally neuralgia may develop some time after the a decomposed carcass it may be recovered by placing some of the cen- tion to its laxative effect, by the sulphurous odour it communicates to the condition might be ameliorated by greater freedom and exclusion than can be \)xc>-

to prevent streptococcus sepsis by injecting vaccines shortly before^ two observations. The maximum was, upon an average, .77 grm. ; only once


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