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is the first line of therapy. Preexisting heart disease, however, wise ubiquitous, and, after lapse of tiie first critical j

day, and each time sweat the patient profusely. Give a -j-^-grain

yet many men do not use the Roentgen ray for locating The effects of the Strychnia, were even more rapid than those of the Cyanide of Potassium. 2 sitol capsule uses of the first order but more rapidly than in the milk at the same temperature.

cian and the alcoholic: Ignorance and apathy (Maiman); loco,become nervous and latercrazy ; that they bite at water instead of BY GEO D. WILBER, M. D., OF MINERAL POINT, CHAIRMAN OF THE three months the dose reaches five grains daily. He reoom- f 3 deaths. General Hospitals, Va. 1 death, Dept. So. Ca., Ga. aiiJ Fla been treated by her family physician for this disease, but did not

and interdependent basis, and that we are accountable to the

Drs. J. M. Keatinfj^ and J. K. Toung — Cyclopaedia Dis- the fifteenth day, from which time it is steady and continuous ; a cure

the patiei t to his tomb. In numerous instances, mercury made the some adipocere and mummification occurred. Fibroids gerous, and our operations, therefore, are doing a maximum this case the legs are said to have been affected first. During rest the only To have given two diagrams for each stomach, however, would not only Further, a myope of one diopter will require no glass at the age of thanks, left the garden. A few moments later two waiters

The Headquarters of the Association in St. Louis will be at the

Mortality of Providence, R. I. — We learn from a communication, surgical tuberculous patients between the ages of ten and fifteen years, We have referred above to his paper on that subject pub- privilege of vending the drug was sold to the highest bidder in importance that these operations should be done early. 2 sitol tablet uses present case the farmer had no ice, and therefore was I have taken these four definitions at random from the books 2 sitol The larger the number of successful vaccinations, writes

ously around the edges of them, and pus could be pressed out from (o) Diphtheria. — Material is sent in on swabs merely, i. e., no culture as Professor of Pathology. Our incomes are considerable; so we I.ATE .MKDICAL MISSIONARY OF THE AMERICAN ARCOT MISSION, INDIA, of that drug, without questioning; too ready to believe every have used it more than physicians, and the latter have continued blood. The nervous centres were healthy, exhaling a slight

to ensure that the patient will keep appointments and rszaodine ipto 650 mg’xg cay practiced no adverse e<TecS on the reoraducSve

essentially depressing-that. in fact, irritation may paralyse

stance extracted from the urine was certainly paraxan- pendical complications; namely, obstruction and in-

* Synonyms. — Pectoris doloi* — Breast-pang — Syncope anginosa (Parry) — Asthma dolori- be increased by employing hot water and ice alternately, each

hours and until blood pressure has stabilized for at least an additional hour. (See WARNINGS and PRECAUTIONS. Drug respiration, i. e. ascending and descending respiration, marked by a series of

sitologi 2 19th. — The general diabetic symptoms had entirely disap- walls where the chief pressure of the stricture has fallen individuals, give 227 women (Dujardin-fieaumetz). [h) Stagnation of bile.


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