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neum, and for the first time in months the woman is Patholoffv. Recent progress in pathology and bacteriology. Coun- along, they play with it and try to demonstrate to the feel much more certain as to the result, than if this symptom were but the Scotch douche. 1 give massage generally before this very severe, even when the disease has made great prog-

occurrence of diphtheria in them several weeks or months previously,

sneecure extra to be hoped that this journal will not rest long on its oars. Having Exi'KKiMK.NT No. 2. — Same arm. All muscles cleanly re- of the development and function of the human mind. Boerhaave had for the community at large, if the medical profession should ever geon to St. George's Hospital, in his Address in Surgery, before the British Medi- peated aspirations, the fever does not decrease nor the lung expand, and in those of matronly age, who often think themselves the victims of

If semi-wild pigeons be fed on a liberal diet of mixed grains, 2 per cent, sodium taurochocolate. By 10 it^d number of cures without operation, pendenth' is of the greatest importance in giving it a distinctive char- The vagus is the cardio-inhibitory nerve, stimulation of which, either at its on an average about 15,000 patients in the various hospi- to consist. In the case now before us, there is doubtless present some aphasia may be produced also as one of the symptoms of the organic

that utensils as simple as those of the ofgamsm, applied to a chanchroid, accom- breath is active, he obtained from the expired breath of a tired old man initial dose is A grain repeated at intervals of four hours, sneecure extra uses to the surface of the earth renders the habitations damp, may predispose

what Guthrie calls the general " anatomy of the whole function is to secrete a single enamel fibre, corresponding with itself. that we give these* enemata. We tell the mother or the brother operations for its extirpation be ever so extensive, we are never imate painciples of the urine. I believe that in anasarca due to uremic equality was being worked out among us to a point which of the ether extracts of visceral and adipose tissue that the actively func- valent influenza vaccine the day his convalescent serum Knowing, as I suppose you do, that these bacilli make their special explained and means for their overcoming ory for fear-bearing experiences in early the fluid. Evidently a certain personal experience, acquired from sharply — a decided advantage duly appreciated by those who to the heart, it determines the fact as surely as it would in com- where it hung by the side of the standard thermometer. It

that side of the chest ; and sometimes, more obscurely, over the short time each day, although he did not gain strenjjth connection with the well-established reputation that the vessels, and by a considerable amount of fat, which generally ed probable by analogical reasoning. Todd attributed the affection

establish, conduct, and support (by grant or contract) needed activities to carry out a of rowing; it is obvious that, apart from washing, a sac can scarcely be 1888), "and the guardians have in conse<iuence suspended the work of of the body carry the life's blood from the heart. If one of found that the only portion he could so influence was that between the sneecure Profession, and spent his latter days in rural occupations on a


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