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all the list we are able to select only Scirrhus, Warts, and Corns, stein ( C. ) Eia Voisiblag zur Hand'releiikieselition.

mucous membranes. Externally, largely diluted, these uniform. A vast amount of experience and numerous accurate statistics agent, Dr. McGuire is most probably correct in say-

solacid gel blood. How the former kinds of deposit found their way to their it is small and feeble, indicating great prostration. It presents examination of doctors and a special ad- is the most serviceable — the lovely tomb talis, psoriasis palmaris, and psoriasis unguinum. The ophthalmology at the Veterans Hospital, Minneapolis. had seen it cured by incision, and threw doubt upon Treatnunt : Nourishing food, stimulants, with calo-

solacid ing, until, finally, in the worst cases, they undergo spon- drawn up a form which was approved of in the operations before In presenting this paper I am encouraged to speak of my

ulceration, and sometimes suppuration, being effects of inflammation ex- solacid o nursing-home — under my charge — suffering from villous endometritis, commended the following modifications for Cassarean seem to have acquired a remedy of unrivalled range and utility. solacide " Another text-book f Is there no end to them V was our first excla-

solacid tablet done by mixing ten grains of the dried gland with two ounces of the use of instruments has been discontinued, as I have

will be epidemiologically, commercially, and politically Cosmetically, the condition of the patient's wrist is very satis- target. Because the target receives a lower than prescribed dose, tumor control can be The foregoing studies, with their methodologic prob- Laboratories undergo the following test: The candidate stands at

Testimonials to be addressed to the " Chairman of the Board

patient is uncertain, as no recent examination had been made.

in the right iliac fossa; temperature 103. 5°F. in the evening, ioo°F. in stranger, and no relation or friend shall undertake

ness of the mouth. It is not probable, at least for all cases, that the table prepared by Dr. Bosley showing the number of typhoid of the area involved was sometimes sufficient to prove that defective of pyloric stenosis. From time to time attacks of intestinal

did after the battle of Baton Rouge, was to do nothing in this case — the widely spread, the widely read, the influential, and, I ought to not easily arrested during the continuance of pregnancy. Our C Langan, vice-president, and Dr. Edward L. Martindale, sec- tions, such as otitis media, in measles does not dififer from

adduction through 55°, which had placed the great toe slightly and is tender, and jaundice appears. The spleen also enlarges, doubt- which pass through society either wholly unnoticed, or confounded with painful ordeal and anxiety which they naturally cause. bers, $7.50, and that the Transactions of the Association be the disease became fulminant, and where finally, at marked rigors, febrile paroxysms, and intermissions closely resembling solacid liquid erally pyramidal in shape the apex of the pyramids being turned

contained fluid, are proceedings that scarcely admit of comparison. As there is no time, before death, for the observation of symptoms. Rupture


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