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December, T908, p. 114, and Wiener medisinische Wochen-
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case glycosuria may disappear and yet marked hyperclycemia per-
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median perineal operation are unsuitcd for treating
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loops and tied, drawing the penis upward upon the belly
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the model ^dea (of animal) comprehends in its logi-
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Bross. — In Babylon, New York, on Monda}-, November
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cers serving in the Medical Corps of the United Slates
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the patient suffered from uterine trouble. On September
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strative of the true nature of cancer — arrested de-
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and strength against illness and pain ; he would have
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The second general psychological operation is to be
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well but was much annoyed by not being able to turn her-
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ter; the only modifying alternative view being that
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' therapy, High Frequency and X-ray work. A strictly eth
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"The book is eminently practical and will rank high among the text-books on genito-urinary diseases." — .-innals of Surgery.
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it exists, and its medical officers should use their
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upon that the terms of the 1908 act, that "tubercu-
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ordered sexual Hfe," the basis of his therapeutic en-
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inches in diameter at the lower pole, apparently en-
sominex high blood pressure
is not only true of the earlier and active stages of
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William H. Howell, professor of physiology in the med-
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ship between the borderland of sanity and insanity,
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above will come down and crush me to death or do some-
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tisement is that of a hair restorer ; its headint; reads.
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tories will be devoted to analytical, commercial, and
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a National Department for the protection of the present
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as the lowest limit, and postpones operation in all
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ifornia, Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Maine, Maryland,
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preceding her death. Pulse rate varied from 76 to go;
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On February iith, eight days after the iridectomy, the
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several thicknesses of gauze and over this an end of
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of great advantage to persons engaged in laboratory
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the omentum has caused part of it to have its blood
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of the toe phenomenon, others believe that its origin
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the Negri bodies are conclusive when they are pres-
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motion. He finally got around with the use of a cane aiid
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Dr. J. William White, for a nur.ibev of years the holder
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the wild growth is richer in its supply of active con-
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is most convenient for infiltration and nerve block-
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