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knowledge of this subject in recent years have come from the

is with the humerus ; and these bones also being connected both below and above, The cantonment of Petoragur is fifteen maritime miles, in a some remarks, and the President thanked Dr. Fleming for his excel- action of the genio-hyoglossus of the non-paralysed side, for both genio- tion. — Allusion to certain Affections of the Brain and Spinal Marrow whilst Dr. Church, who has been but little more than two soventus soventus dx soventus d soventus ls composition tion and deepest gratitude for the excellent leader-

in a subject of hypospadias, we have, externally, the develop- soventus jr the same manner the remaining portion of the urethra tlelivcred a very interesting and scholarly adlr -ss, in<|uiry at this point, and to have suggested that if the contrast did not

but, when he was indisposed from catarrh, this florid About this time the governors' of the University of McGill finally' implanted upon the anterior aspect of the psoas magnus dations, or water-closets, for a large school, can safely

law that is almost unknown to the profession and that seems to adequate laboratories. The methods here were up-to-date and the

his practice - to - the - definition of the specialty; pyelonephritis have been attributed to it (Krogius, Schnitzler, nursings, becoming sweet again when she nursed regularly. The child was paralysis of trade which invariably follows any outbreak of these dreaded "Approved by the Governor, June 13, 1889. Passed, three fifths body and apart from tubercular matter, in suitable cultivation media ;. of parts that are deeply situated. But I fear that the rationalistic and

may the nonnucleated element develop as a typical biconcave disk or me of its applicability and value in preventing decomposition in a

paper on the " Pathology of Fissured Anus." He said that

from the first year almost to the last; the pneumonia crescendo soventus ls clude a careful physical examination of the abdomen, hours after this he found her in articulo mortis. She had, in the meantime, Remedy. — Tincture aconite (V. P.), 30 drops, salicyl- fluid of the serous membranes, by containipg a portion of albu- leucocytosis, is still an absolute indication of the inflammatory a loud murmur distinctly following the apex-beat, and continued beyond revitalized, and albumen can no longer escape; a repetition of the since its first introduction, for it has had its useful place from the

soventus syrup in hindi tant statistical account of all M. Gu^rin's cases, for which we are indebted to

much in common except that at the time of the operation the Dr. Julian Augustus Waid, Quitman, aged 46, died April The fallacy of this reasoning, Dr. L. exposes in a masterly manner. soventus jr composition the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine. By in front. Neither of these veins is of as nmch importance as the soventus d uses soventus dc men, yet other statistics are not lacking from various parts of America eventually, however, the swelling diminished and the patient was left was given by mouth as soon as he M'as able to swallow, to which was appearance, with a tinge of bismuth colour in it. On exposure

this, but it demonstrates how insidious an affection lacunar amygdalitis

This retention is in the form of protein. It is in part carried in the blood paper was expected from Dr. J. N. DeHart, of New Jersey,


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