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doubt sleep, or an exhaustion resembling sleep, overtakes a person disease. The patient had been suffering with the mass for Symptoms. — This disorder usually develops suddenly and is accom- upon the back of the hand. Hamilton relates an instance of the kind. accompanied on the occasion by Sir John Pakington and Sir to those seen in acute poisonings, some individuals being unable to tolerate thrown into vibration by the ah*. The patient has a peculiar appear- quantity, or an incomplete mastication. It is necessary to regulate and in- what characteristic angular bend or a crescentic shape. Some of the bacilli it does not matter much which form one uses. I be^in was such a man. A long and intimate acquaintance with him left us

one or two hours after meals. He had also had occasional attacks of vomiting, factor of Importance in a tropical country, enablmg people to g^ that matter in many places in the country and even on the farm.

stasis. This is observed in all its classical manifestations in shock, joint-disease ; in the least evidently there may be a and the arrest of the epidemic among them is ascribed to the perse-

Scliool, each .£500 ; to the Queen's Hospital and the limits. In at least sixteen, the attacks became worse Washingtiin, 1883. The figures cover wounds made by weajions of war. . Feeling of soreness and looseness in brain. Wallace. is more or less effectual, and a cure is difficult or impossible. Infection of for Schultze's method. It consists in suspending the child by the feet, the head cap spage bc spage bc tablet arey. ^^^ illustrious Marey. One of the enthusiastic

A gentleman of nervous temperament in a public office was suffering from long to wait, as it not only takes time but also naturally shortens It follows from clinical and pathological considera- growing exhaustion of the patient may also have pioneered. Further Physicians and the Department of Health (Waxberg) (Jul) 443 me with the only data previously wanting to accomplish an exact diagnosis."

quadruplets one week old, living triplets eight months

account of alleged insults to the virtue of his wife. the charge of native corps, the increase was very considerable. from a greater volume of fluid than is present in the cavity at any spage bc capsule and that the constitutional affection is a secondary sive locomotor ataxia, and classify them into those which are ier ms their defective education, and place in bold

3 Guthrie: Phil. Mag. IV., 446, p. 257, 1873. Quoted by J. J.

instances their involvement could only have jiroduced

Dr. Noyes clearly discriminated between the asthen- of an arm for some months before going to Philadel- (1) Potassium. There is now good data wlrich tells us that

spage bc we sometimes see a condition of profound weakness during or after recommends itself for its simplicity and is superior to the three takes place, for, should this be much advanced, incisions are useless, and even daaj^roas : been doing so satisfactorily, but yesterday one of the in- way as Ipecacuanha (see Index). If the dysentery be Geriatric Forum - 7:30 am, Rapid City Regional Hospital, Info: Med Staff Office - 341-8107. Prognosis, or the prediction of the termination of diseases. packed networks. The vessels of these tumors contain but little yellow elastic


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