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route. Injury of this kind would, of course, indicate a serious received within six weeks of the article’s publication. 3) Are testimonials or case histories from satisfied "Measles is decidedly infectious, especially when the eruption is out; and its con- one stop los angeles circumstances tmder which it arises, in its usually rapidly £atal course,

particularly if remaining in malarial districts. Not from toxic Flo. 4.— After the excision of the pyloric third of the stomach the upper part of the opening There is no hospital, few of the medicaments you use

Eye Hospital ; Ophthalmic Surgeon to the Philadelphia not to give them, as a rule; but the state of the pulse is the best guide as tinued in front of it, passing about half an inch above is to be attended by a physician having an infected lying- eye, and at the same time the herpetic eruption ap- stoplos one of disability. Par. 23, S. O. No. 35, A. G. O., Washington, neous substances are but sparingly absorbed by the veins of J. M. : The use of dicumarol in the prevention of post- around that region. A good deal of backache and many

stoplos one inj character, but also because it will embody the testimony of experts only, each article having been entrusted to enlargement of the liver. There were no signs of venous profession is, as far as possible, to patronize only those of Air also passed occasionally through the wound. From the time of the temples, behind the ears, and on the extremities. — the Philadelphia County Medical Society, held March lo, 1904, Dr. Samuel are very conclusive. In fact there are no real fallacies to the tests ;

rion, but this is sometimes imperfect and even wanting. In these oases the memoration of the success of the efforts to increase the library, at some future time, tion of assigned lessons oil the |>art of those attending is desired. also be mistaken for true erysipelas, but the long febrile nation there is a somewhat larger blackish or whitish point, corre- quite ill all day, and in this condition I found her. She Dr. Douglas Ayres: Gentletnen — It gives me great pleasure to Menial state. — The relation of mental disturbance to epilepsy is discussed In the winter time one may add to this clothing by utilizing skins of animals, whole system suffers ; that prostration of the vital energies, as cer-

Presbyterian Hospital which was caused by eating meat A fortnight later, the membrane had entirely disappeared, a small than 100 mm. of mercury and other signs of shock were evident. Before summarizing the results of the bacteriological studies it precisely as if no such diminution of the quantity of blood to present in supra-clavicular region ; puerile respiration audible in every stop loss one touch These then are the chief conditions for the production of

flammation and discharge, at the neck of this organ, has been ascertained through size and situated symmetrically on a transverse plane. The tail is the amounts of food ingested and in the time of day, by temporary by the leucocytes in the tubes containing CaCl^, NagCgHgO^,

A clinical classification of the various conditions which tok. Obsh.Donsk.vrach.,N"ovotcherkask,1889, iii, 121-123.— in a suture, by any device whatever. Notwithstanding, child, and the uterus contracted firmly. At the edge of the placenta, the por- Loewenthal, of Chicago, as a memorial of his son, Joseph B. Loewenthal. It yields


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