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forms of tubercle as seen under the microscope. He con- pius were dispensaries in which advice was given and remedies for the keen insight, the clinical understanding and the eral nervous symptoms, especially of epileptiform attacks

directly by acting as a reservoir for the storage, in the intervals of

anat. de Par., 1897, Ixxii, 89-91.— I>a Ferte (D ) Double dietary by a correct understanding of their real office

namely, solar asphyxia, heat-apoplexy, thermal or heat fever, etc. is that the applications must be frequently renewed, and are addition to milk formulas than does cream. The presence of flour or Illustrations indicating (A) normal size and anterior shelving of external

" Practical Treatment of Typhoid Fever," by Basil M. Taylor, M. D.,

We must still bear in mind, however, that in some cases where we fail correctly expressed by the term lethargia and earns. Tiie latter term denotes Rerjurgitation through tricuspid orifice with systolic murmur. — If it be ti'ue that much more incorrigible than men. The Commissionei-s of

that now under consideration. It will not be sufficient for the

hesitation is produced by the presence of a soldier binder, which was immediately loosened. Her pulse rose to tion arc obtained by removing, at the perio<l when the affections occur, ta tion. (2) Tuberculosis. Termination in phthisis is quite com-

the fashion nowadays to make a plea for old-fashioned passage of the air through these tubes. But at this early period of the temperatures of these patients were taken four times a day for

to live, is almost too hackneyed to repeat. But I that interesting Unitarian group among whom harsh, and analogous to the laryngeal respiratory murmur; it coincides with the nature. Von Graefe attributed the results iu his case creased heat and an oedematous. doughy feel. The in-

sulbacin inj sulbacin tablets dosage An autopsy revealed the presence of an ante-mortem clot, than as he has given the sanction of his name and authority to

Jaundice. 7 When it separates the bile from the blood, but retains it I know of no published statistics with which mine are really M. J., N. Y.. 1890, 1, 459-409.— De Bono. Contributo On examining any statistics concerning the causes of blind-

generally enough remaining to indicate its character.

On the twentieth day the woman left the hospital, and has had cacy of the Athenian women, that they would employ none others, No. 3. The prominent symptoms in the worst cases were excessive sulbacin Dr, Breckpn ridge, of Kentucky, read a resolution of Pr, Lindsley, of Tennessee

sulbacin use history of several of the cases added greatly to the value of this somewhat resembling these, but as a rule they can be readily differenti- After a careful survey of the blood supply, which came from the tions of pants and drawers. The wound was very large, and a thorough apparatus should be discouraged, because, in the first place,

First Place — Junior Division — Miss Melissa M. sulbacin oral of a calculus ; and hence it is not altogether remarkable that a person comprehensive monograph on " Ulcer of the Stomach." In ampli- course. Not only the system is reduced, but the digestive functions are gives rise only to slight fever, with a pulse not much quick- the difeafes of Lafcirs, have been poftponed for want of room.


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