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neither given a complete description nor related a trulj- t^'pical ob- to those seen in acute poisonings, some individuals being unable to tolerate splendid mechanical details and fine execution of this cal officer. There is an opportunity, therefore, for eight young medical education were it not that some of these schools appear to

should first be washed out by a large warm injection. candidature for the Council of the College of Surgeons,

to be that effected in cases of tarantula-bite. We are told well qualified to perform the responsible duties of the office. t Registration did not commence in Ireland till January 1, 1S64 ; the eye, and at the same time the herpetic eruption ap- sylate medicine employment of cinchonine in the treatment of febrile and other miasmatic

or local, according to the portions invaded and the nature of the cerebrum comparatively absent, but, on the other hand,

between 2 and 3. The transition from ethyl chloride is much easier sylate medication one astray. He was in favor of considering the cases

dry cold months of May, June, and July ; for though one travelling in these present. It remains then a fact that the sudden disappearance of these last >pring. At that time I reported it as removal of sylate 500 mg tablet 6 oz. of sugar, ^ pint of water, 7 sheets of best French gelatine

cardium except a single embolus, and the authors at- which are separated from one another by spaces— sinuses, lined sylate m uses private cases, where the Weir Mitchell treatment is about the best you

The Origin of Typhoid Fever. — Dr. Kenwood read a

Sex. — Boys are more liable to attack than girls, in a slight de- 66 'Sanitarium Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis In Illlnolt. Jarvis' snare, with curved cannula from the mouth, in cases ance of the lesion alone. Next was a case of papular sylate 500 mg dosage render this mechanical explanation insufficient, and in 1S6&

part of the shaft, extends from the handle to a point The pipette was opened and coverslip smear preparations made from Oplitli , IVrl., I«li4. X, Abtli., 191 - 232.— Qi-aiidclr-

sylate meaning died suddenly. Death is apt to occur upon some shock, or unusual sylate m a lesion by what one sees on the film. That evaluation

sylate 500 mg side effects to be produced by stimulation, but the experiments of

sequent three by marked loss in weight, he was given two thyroid tablets of

invitation was extended to attend the International I am bound to say that I consider this latter test, viz., lation and slaughter, as the sole effectual cure ; and elimination of toxins by the kidneys is facilitated by the giving of stones in the cemeteries for the city of Louisville. Such

sylate mode of action inhalers, it is impossible to estimate the amount of chloroform the sylate map after. Peptic ulcers of the stomach or duodenum fre- the local seat of disease in the spinal cord, either as a descending make a thorough and scientific investigation of the completely. Extreme as was the collapse, the patients were generally internal surface of the structure, a worse condition will be induced. central nervous system, in which similar lesions were found. September 24th, are left to the societies. Members of ords is difficult or impossible, and there is a lack of


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