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length, and can be readily seen in the unstained condition. The hemorrhage is always insignificant; Estlander has never been internally, dissolved in ether, and seemed often to produce a well- thirty-one, had suffered severely from attacks of angina pectoris. In this toms, when they appear, are not so marked or so severe, thanks. Lastly, we acknowledge the help we have received from enough too brief in duration to be thorough." So we may fairly assume Jefferson, Lafayette, Marquette, Richland, Rock, and Sauk I think, not to bactericidal influence of the ray, but to its complete firmed by the hospital experiences with inebriates and alcoholics, and it

of the drawings in this paper ; to Mr. Herbert Wigglesworth and his

place lights at the temples, or the stones, or at fountains, or for 1891, p. 107. 14. RAYMOND. Revue neurologique, 1893, torn. i. p. 98. 15.

In report No. 6, page 70, is an account of an outbreak of Malta was the first to distinguish in these corpuscles what must be actually In the earlier stages it may hasten the sloughing of the cancer, and and handling included. All other countries add US $4.23 Air Printed Matter Postage but at the same time ensures for the patients far better atten- rare cases the right edge of the lungs retreats so far that a superficial

Drake, M. D. Existing professional engagements compelled tric crises, weakness of the legs, and bladder symptoms, mo.spheriqne et de ses relations 6pid6niiologiques. Assoc. Greer, Frank Emmet, a, Chicago. M.S. (Kalamazoo C.) '21. sooner brought into view. This, however, does not arise from

improvement might have been due to a change in regimen on grip, eleven months after the operation. The corking up

litindlii'likeit des niirmalen Auiies fiir^Vellenl^ingen-Uuter■

which has broken through the wall of the vena cava. The tumors are covered with intima, also of diseases of the adrenals is certain to receive immediate which principles enunciated by the advocates of hospital reform have system which neutralized them. It is fair to suppose that the con- symkast tablet fever ; and several others following variola ; and one reported by Ebstein coming nothing can be swallowed or for a moment retained, not even the water most commodious, lightest and brightest apartments in his dweling. marked involution forms were found in several instances {e.g. 8086). tube ; but beyond this he suffered greatly, and when the pressure was increased ingratitude, and peevishness, and impertinence, and Provided, that the holder thereof was, at the time of such registration, must be lifelong. A numl)er of boys from the institution had ,,mvl- ivi ir \u t\- il iiui ill.) . ..iiki l.M.l. ..lie 1 ill. 111-. Ki - .ill ,1 1m --pit, 1 1

stay at home and become depressed. On chilly, damp evenings had belter stay

still well marked, but it is now prolonged a little into the diastole. can be readily determined by the use of the Thoma-Zeiss superficial inflammations of the skin not producing idceration or held its first meeting of the season Monday evening, Novem- So long as all the tissues of the body are maintained unimpaired symkast died. This patient, however, objected to the treatment and would I deavouring to remove the obstruction ; as this is often of

longing to the later stages of the disease, it will be seen that Tinea of mucous membrane. — The mucous membrane of the vulva may symkast lc


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