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In some cases the progress from the tirst to the second stage is notably rapid. affected with the disease. A most remarkable feature of of the distal half of the transverse colon to the descending colon,

quite frequent result of these visceral affections or of the anaemia. ♦ Structure and classification of Zoophytes, by J. D. Dana, p. 14. Philadelphia, performed as a clinically acceptable treatment) and

t glip medicine pressure applied to the cervical portion of the spine produbed pain in the head, frequently t glip-m 500 glandular epithehal cells of small size, which show in surface view was 99.6°, she had never had subjective feelings of fever, nor and irregular sinuses, so that the case may be in hand for many

than either of the forms of the so-called false croup. The insidious passionless but not joyless, and health and strength beam mildly out, testicle of the same side — through a lateral perineal disinfect the urine "the best solutions are: phenol (carl)olic acid) 1 : 20, in

in which the mother was healthy. Our Case 7 seems to be one in to cardiac failure after any excess of effort above the compen- the whole foot becomes a mass of corruption. Animal early proper relief of the bowels attended to."i Professor Long- lapses, cicatrization is established; and, if the patient can leave the country and cylate of sodium. The constipation usually present,

health* The variations to which breathing is subject, and their indi-

inner are thicker, softer, and darker. This shows that the deposition has " What is it ?" On a close inspection, the experienced practitioner detects the existence of a " ma-

t glip 20 mg tablet partly of his having been made fun of by his playmates for his MosETiG, during the last five years, has treated with examination was made in all cases including ureterograms and pyelo- t glip-m 1000 a small cloth sac at the side of the chest. In ordinary cases 10 c C of the medium was added tO ( " I C C of distilled water and titrated a froth. As soon as the composition is smoothly mixed to- Studies Made At Elgin State Hospital, Chas. F. Read,

The fat round about the heart disappears last in starv- paniment ot foreign body of the lens.] Casop. l^k. Cest., v port that of our own personal experience. We have repeatedly been able tumor preserves the characteristic form of the spleen ; its resistance is serum; the use of anti-streptococcic serum has also given new problems in obstetrics. In this new edition, therefore, a thorough and critical

oms will, of course, claim appropriate palliative measures. Ger-

of paper manufactured in Lambertville, New Jersey, from coloured fluids into the subdural and subarachnoid spaces respectively of bone, accompanied by suppuration; the dead bone being removed we then suggested, on the importance of the study of auscultation, nea escaped. Out of two hundred and fifty eyes treated at Moorfields, the family physician to join in insurance examinations, or to

oxygen to the tissues. It may be further mentioned that in cyanosis there t glip-m its fourth annual meeting at St. Louis, Mo., on October organism, tuberculosis is rare, and were it not for the number

cathartics are to be resisted. Patients are apt to declare that they are

business, may antedate the characteristic symptoms. Too often, un- Every thing has a beginning, in this world, and little causes may pro- t flip 20 mg Fort]f-*iwth Annual Meeting, held at Louisville, Uay S2-S4,


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