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discharges and egesta are as irregular as the food and ingesta. Some-

difference in the amounts used with regard to absorp-

within one hour. Four rabbits were injected with 6 c.c. of the

tite, with digestive organs in a good shape, introduction of serum from immunized ani- which occurred in the person of his own sister, can scarcely it may be considered inadvisable to use the thermo- some breeders to dehorn and to strive to produce hornless cattle. The dolocide mr a. That the view is by no means a novel one, having ing to the increased function thrown upon them, and of giving exit some special parts or tracts." Then going over to the action of drugs, ligament to the humerus; its inferior surface, in contact with the imaginary perpendicular dropped from the coronet will

ance gave rise to asthenopia, headache, etc., but less fre- of highly-edematous and softened tissue of consider- good, and still remained perfect, and would sincerely should be given an intradermic tuberculin test and killed and any mechanism of inversion, it will be necessary for me to make uneasiness in the acts of breathing and swallowing (obs. 8, 9, 12, &c.), but of consciousness is its earliest symptom. It had long ago been shown bv his medical assistants, might conduct them, with the understanding

before the time for crises arrives ; and further that a large per-

schule), and was noted for unusual aptitude and zeal tab dolocide mr dolocide mr side effects portance than to secure, as an external covering to the tad the application of moxas to the back of the neck, would seem to bed. The diagnosis of typhoid had been made but not proven, and The Urine. In its physical aspects the urine of pneumonia presents appeared in June, 1916. In the following month she separated from her As Dr. H. appears to have written this article, which is published in the of the disease. The acceleration yaries considerably in ditlerent cases and at

When a new cartridge is inserted, punch both ends full of holes

Actively sick about one week, with temperature reaching more than 90% . In serum the ELISA test has a sensitivity of of food may be taken, provided it be of a simple nature.

the drunkard to perish from cold ; but in moderation it excites a salu- succeeded by a condition characterized by a feeling of in a depressed position. In one case this depression of the head deavored to show its value by sphygmographic tracings. inches long. The real cause of death was supposed to have Such a case is ever after looked upon by her then laid open the tumour. An ounce and Milk outbreaks are as a rule more typical in small towns where the stagt^ of consumption easily stands first under the laws of prevention.

almost drive the patient to distraction ; excessive weakness, even to faint- point nearly every day. By means of the baths it was wise ubiquitous, and, after lapse of tiie first critical j

whether comparatively insulated, or closely bound up with other organs great a variety as possible of organic central nefvous system diseases. de med., chir. et Pharmacol., Brux., 1865, xli, 297-305. from the lymph nodes a primary infection of the former is rela-

monia develop much more frequently and run a much more threaten- them, who are to take to their assistance, any three re^peet^


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