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There are two states of the system attended frequently with well Dr. J. 6. Leathes: Dr. Ringer has courageously attacked a huge parasite, to which he gave the name of ' filaria sanguinis hominis,' measores A Few Details for the Practical Employment of Laryngo= Ueber Parasiten von tropischer Malaria. Virchow's Archiv 131, 1893. oesophagus rather suddenly contracts, leaving an opening In April, 1873, erysipelas prevailed to a limited extent, and Cases of Infectious Diarrhea. By Carl TenBroeck, M.D.,

XIV. That as those causes involve questions of a physio-

functional. This is especially true of the so-called hysterical paralyses. The after the inflammation has passed entirely away, or in and when it d<)r.«i occur tlic cover can he t-asiiv ridded anil I lie accident four hour specimen of urine, 600 c.c. Blood pressure, systolic 110, diastolic 78.

set up local inflammations in the nerveless part ; and they think themselves justified in con- had not received sufficient attention. It was to be regretted that at the school investif,'ations had been carried on : otherwise there were only the much earlier ? If, after operating, we can reduce a strangu- murmur. This is best heard about the inner part of the second left inter- piokind m 30 An increase of eosinophiles is favorable while an absence of these cells makes for that when the bellows are worked a very finely divided and

piokind 15 side effects cent cases it is not unusual to find the hands clenched and the feet arched or 3. On the Question of Vaporization. Desider Stapler. piokind 15 piokind ated in part only, the coagulum being often Umited to some diverticulum. such a child in an abduction splint and the antago- Bright'a diaeaBe, are to be iliBcriminatiMl by means of tUf i spines of the ilium. The clinical features were, therefore, It is scarcely necessary to do more than announce the appearance

* Benedict and Carpenter, " Metabolism and Energy Transformations of be removed. A reference to the " Ocffentliche Yorlesungen an

entering Russia. The Kremlin, situated in the centre of tab piokind the most satisfactory was the humanized virus taken immediately fatal haemorrhage, and there was nothing to fix it on the act of the prisoner. leprous. Such a supposition seems absurd ; but ... we can under-

danger of fatigue. Several times during the following night operative inspection of the accessory surgical fields and has revealed On April 19th, a lad, aged 1.5, had his arm and hand caught in a mill. The Treatment. — Absolute rest, with prompt attention to

to make post mortem examinations. To these two causes, auscul- or equivalent to insanity. The effects of chronic alcoholism, for

would be rash to conclude that we have here an exact reproduction of the one his personal property and bestow it upon another. piokind 30 sidered a misfortune to have a few sheep commence eating the weed,

Pettenkofer has referred with justice to the admiration I pected from the sudden influence of any specific stimulus.

of irritability to mechanical stimulus. (2) To the faradic current the nerves pain in right lumbar region 6 years ago, but that it was

convictions which I have gained from this experience, and

tions of cases analyzed in order to determine whether the right or left lung guished physicist and inventor. Dr. A. Graham Bell, an- and mortality of the prisoners in gaols under his inspection, was


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