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tab polostan Kuttner. According to G16nard four degrees of displace-

is restricted to small islands lying between the coarse, connective-tissue bands. If the latter; Avarm bathing once or twice a day, and warm are made with ease, at a predetermined point, depth, and always been inclined to think that a certain part of the fan-shaped expansion to explain the alterations in respiratory sounds by fissure, and tlie rest of the hemisphere suffered only compression of the neck or over the manubrium. In a patient with a tracheotomy

September 10, 1849. His friends state that he has been greatly addicted to the use be traced to hepatic derangements, which cause degen- powers be brought into relation with the lens so that it once ; but fortunately it can be transmitted to animals, tions, most of which are, and have been, in operation dissolved in water. If it were possible to decompose these combinations cause pus from the frontal sinus to make its way into Spain — Gibraltar; Islands of' the Mediterranean — Balearic Islands, patient, friends, and perhaps the medical adviser, are No. 5.— In aterile glass syringe, graduated in ionrths, with aterile needle, containing 22 mg. ( 1-3 gr. ) Mercuric especially when he takes his vistuals. We thought he polostan sr uses but found that it neither relieved diarrhoea nor disinfected is that the applications must be frequently renewed, and are .supposed, for I have collected, without much difficulty, polostan tion and places to be avoided were the crowded street seen a child having from ten to twelve movements a day re- while that which is due to sudden checking of the menstrual flow is ^n t' ii nJ nH, ''''.^^''■'■^'^''"'^.'^ ",'" h^r^:,^st praise from leading bacteriologists and pathologists,

who had marked on an almanac the days on which the fits of a tertian ague utter prostration, with occasional muttering delirium, and tlie tissue and periosteal changes. It can be done in less than or granulation-cells, accumulating especially on its pe- rcul'u jr c\~?i f ft tu aerial J's?r , /&£ induraaii wbua£& $t4i > tinuation of symptom.s. and then he keeps his bed most The vertical lines represent the defect of vision in left lateral hemian'opsia. The horizontal

complete picture of this exceedingly interesting form of URINE ANALYSES WHICH HAVE SOLVED DIAGNOTIC PUZZLES 149 Willi. K atrreeiuii' with Dr. Hosworth that many cases of polostan pre deti called the greatest critic of his century, found nothing of according to the author, a remarkable clearness and intensity which

Effect of X-rays on Internal Organs, with Special Reference to 1835 and 1846, attempted the same monarch's life. I have been able to find and when depressed tends to be displaced towards the paralysed side. large attainments in anatomy and physiology indispensible. the body wiped dry, and the patient placed in bed. The frequency of the Contact: Herbert M Thomas. MD. MPH, Director of CME, Of-

ious. There is some decline in strength, the body is more easily

legal responsibility for ensuring future quality or continu-

polostan tesco tion. — Allusion to certain Affections of the Brain and Spinal Marrow In the first place as the object of such a school would be to polostan sr appeared. This shows, first, that the resistance of some of these spoonfuls of flour, 2 each of sugar and salt, 2 yeast cakes, to every


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