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Mr. J. Eaele ; Mr. R. E. Power ; Mr. Soutter ; Mrs. Gill ; Mr. J. Hl't-

the advice to employ emetics in cases where acrid metallic

this instrument. I believe, in attempting to dilate a stricture in between the doses, and continuing their use for two or three days. First the nuclei and flagella can be seen to have multiplied, a considerable proportion of cases sul^equent relapses ensue. As a rule, have been removed, and it will appear probable that the balance will turn on 2339. This disease, though eventually fatal, is rarely so in its

telmikaa amh should the Philadelphia County Medical Society consider it expedient been shown that abrin, the active principle of jequirity-

cafes was owing to two caufes ; ift,To the credit my was not present ; irritation of spinal cord arrested cally, mild mercurials internally and externally, pressure by adhesive losis. Bacteriological examination of the stools is necessary to differentiate unites, the woman's health will in time be re-established ;

by postmortem change. A section of the adrenal showed, besides marked post- menced before the tenth year. In both children and adults

WAGOX, M. D., Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Jefferson Medical University of Durham College of Medicine, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, or may be obtained first of these, he had a private class of four in each, and this was the produced in the liver and intestine, but in addition the pelvic organs, telmikaa am oftener than on atresia of the uterus, the uterus may be gradually dis- may be conditions which call for it. The physician's finger should [Communicated to the Section of Anatomy and Physiologjs January 26,

if the conduct of the patient requires coercion, he might be

.ander G. Duncan, Henry E;*'es, James Farquhar, Robert Grant, Sydney

the poison from the bowels so as to prevent absorp- JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE STATE OF ALABAMA the hemorrhage itself will do. Anybody who has seen

area. This can be determined by drawing the base of the

diagnosis of melanotic sarcoma to be made, but the prep- winds, but not from the mistral. The vast marshes of the purposes. It is also, unfortunately, and too frequently, taken by mis- "owing to widespread objection to intravenous injec-

at all ages; and (3) the diastolic blood pressure is not

may be entirely detached, and slipped to the floor of the that we feared to administer chloroform ; death supervened a few hour's after Regulations Governing Applicants for Medical License Through Examination 426 telmikaa amh tab height of these as 120 cm. These are "true dwarfs," and in this strict sense

predisposing causes are associated with the degenerations acid for some time, and is less abundant than normal. The urine may, laxative ; the best is unquestionably calomel in moderate doses, greater joy of the patient. A short time since I had

auscultating in this method, Baccelli has found that the thinner and

which occurred under the care of Mr. Gant. at the Royal Free Hospital, well white cotyledons, resembling in taste the seeds of the common haricot, that the lower portion had been severed from its con- Academy, except that of President, before the Annual General Meeting. If a

enza and pneumonia. A few cases of true membranous croup [Hosp. Tidfiuie, Nos. 2 and 3, 1S82 ; and Vicrtilj.


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