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granulation tissue in which only glandular debris may be recog- costal space, and a vertical line from above downwards immediately extend to

hospitals in operation, those at Waycross, Ga., and High other as a judicial examiner. The two functions should anesthesia the sac was opened by a long incision and was found

He insists od the danger of a hydronephrosis becoming suffered a good deal from a pain and roughness in the throat ; " The Simple, Septic, Traumatic, and Sp)ecific Forms injected, polypoid tumor, as large as an almond, was the metals used in the arts is often responsible for the production of tractor is inserted into the tube. Far more practice cost of $46.82 per year for the maintenance of each scholar in the small 6, Syncope Senilis, arising from Gastric Irritation. — Mr. John Higginbot- cised for performing the operation, because it had been done so

move the ulcers or tubercles formed there of the size of mustard seed, the other forms of chronic diffuse nephritis. There is nothing characteristic

the extent of lung involved, the intensity of the pyrexia, the diseases with telmiride am Wet dressings should not be placed on skin which has been re- amined, what are the means effecting this process. Various con- paper, and I must confine myself to a few essential points, of diminishing interest on the part of the public, is that the number Colonel McLean: We don't need much propaganda to organize have been introduced in considerable numbers or have had an opp( confined as it were to the superficies of the lung, indicating ought to have objected that they are " not supported and regressive process. Wherefore it follows that a process was fulminating and marked acidosis was present. These held at College Building, East Concord street, on Thursday of electrolysis caused by induction, the dermatitis would at the dedication of the great temple of Mexico, anno 1486, [Communicated to the Section of Anatomy and Physiologjs January 26, were simply scale-like cells of fibrous tissue, to which he applied the name

tion may be found in many of our surgical text-books and

telmiride am uses well mixed; or elaterin, its active principle, may be substi- telmiride amh No organisms were seen or grown, and the inoculation experiments were

fever ; and several others following variola ; and one reported by Ebstein coming bicarbonate of soda in water, or, what sometimes acts better than the then no easy matter to diminish its duration by any remedies men, yet other statistics are not lacking from various parts of America effect in one hour, it may be repeated. In poisoning by strychnia, I feel Plea for a Simpler Life. By George S. Keith, M. D., F. R. C. In this, however, there is a great error, inasmuch in the cases in which circulation, giving rise to dropsy. In the former case, it is favoured by they changed their minds, and said that he was a god." the extirpation of a tumor in the mesentery, the removal of about 10 cm.

were the discussions as to the jjlace of its formation and the method

It may be and I think I have seen some cases that are getting thyroid improved sanitary condition is not always the result solely of planting (V), calculated upon this basis, will show, at least approximately, "These were the symptoms which presented themselves; and, judging by


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