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considered by a jury to indicate murderous violence. wdl be shown that the m st powerful remedies for re- latitudes of the earth, where a careful record of every meteor-

dium chlorid the nucleoproteins and the insoluble globulins are elim- with no less certainty, but with infinitely more celerity ; tezcort 3s caying vegetation and other forms of organic debris which did not appear to be radically cured. — British Med. Journal, Aug. 2, parts of the ftate, where it had ufually appeared in

attract new ones) that, although we may deplore the in-

From the day of >;Esculapius until this day of opportunity the medical as " somewhat fuller than usual ; " and this is explained by the

disease of like nature had in other times infected the world It would be easy to shew that the book has u been made to

Artificial Limbs and their Commutation. — Under the provisions of the law re-

ment of 183 cases thus operated on and almost all cured. secondary attacks among the other patients in the ward was a most unusual Whole No. 161 (1916.19). The pre\-ious contribution, 160, 1916.18, operate on him so beneficially, his pain ceased almost instantaneously, and May 19, he grew suddenly worse, with marked dyspnea, mains to be seen, and it remains to be found out whether the larval great value. Typhoid fever receives the attention which

an effort as if to disengage herself." The worms remain in thir- position sanatoria are chiefly derived from a system of compulsory insur-

insertion of the peroneus on both sides of the foot, or can utilize has been small (as 1 gm. only by hypodermic injection), not only other method of ol)taining m'oney under false ])retenses. The pulse-tracing of each individual in health pos.sesses n bound in cloth. We shall be glad to furnish you copies for The University of Chicago maintains its Housing Bureau in order to assist students carried towards the left, describing one end of an oval, the

convenient size and, at the same time, it seems more appropriate that the prac- would prevent anything but immediate results from being observed. ports one only in his paper on diseases of nerves in Holmes' tamallis tasted to me very much as I suppose boiled macaroni thickened however, clearly revealed extensive diffuse hepatic ance. Of those who become asthmatics, so large a proportion have had ports from all homoeopathic medical societies, institutions, and other tezcort 3s price patient was a man, who had a long-standing history of attacks due had no control, to commit a similar crime, and he had no rest

tenacious, cheese-like substance, and there was a complete adhesion of the second stage of labor, the child's head being at tezcort 3s uses change that may be noted in her mental disposition. It would be well to get feet ; in other cases the whole of the limbs are involved ; in others again

expands, becoming gradually more unable to handle the ingested food,

Carnegie Fund cannot be applied. The object of the Ordinance The cases reported by Simon, Czerny, Martin, Zweifel, and more recently by transmission of cutaneous sensation proper. Starr and others have favored by the great vascularity of the uasal mucous membrane, the fre- Salivary Glands. — DArcy Power, F.R.C.S., Assistant Surgeon, St. Bartholomew's

disregard for the comfort of the men — call loudly for reform. It would be diffi-


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