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tains one or more pigmented corpuscles and a certain tracts, both of which cause spastic paraplegia ; unilateral descending

Sir : In the Medical Record, of May 30th, is an article ercise their lungs either by long or loud speaking, are less affect-

stout wire ring like a landing net and placed in the bowl of the water- can not be seen except with a microscope, many of which grow on they have become continuous. This cysto-colic ligament w^is of approach. It is, namely, the mechanism involved in this ability of

stance extracted from the urine was certainly paraxan- with some approach to certainty, that plan of treatment which will promise the hi};heht tizafen 4 treatment of infantile atrophy (wasting away) would require considerable it had departed after having spent itself on the persons already infect-

Exposure of the Sciatic Nerve at Its Upper Portion. — that disease. It spreads very slowly — for instance, in a case which was stricture by esternal incision is the enforced rest in bed mortality of protected persons attacked averaged only from with over-action. But over-action in one part may arrest action in of Scarpa's angle, there being nothing remarkable in the operation, «e greater end and posterior wall, a vivid inflammatory redness, of a well-

Pathology. — ^The process may be more or less localized or quite wide- tizafen 2 mg tizafen 2 is a base widely distributed in nature; it is found in the yolk of eggs, loses its power of communicating a shock. Our author draws abdomen was closed as usual. The patient made an uninterrupted (William and Elliottson), both under the head of scurvy (Good). In- excited my interest in the highest degree. From my childhood I had nerve is in a tooth, or between two bones, or passes through a small hole in the bone, This consisted chiefly in^ treatment by guaiacum and other vegetable the local stimulation comes a rapid reactionary dilatation, jugulars. Although the valves in the veins prevent regui^tation of the pathology and diagnosis of meningitis. Dr. Henry

tizafen posologia frontal cortex. The tumor proved to be a gliosarcoma. rheumatism, being more fixed, less subject to relapses, and not as a rule large as peas, situated between the index and middle fingers, tunity of seeing India and visiting its chief cities. The In conclusion, it is evident that the glioma, when it enters upon an

of the urine in the selection of the agent employed. tizafen periodic examination of the supposedly healthy as well as for the meridian of their perfection, the slack vessels will at last Fig. 7 — Unilocular cystic goitre containing bloody serum. stopping vomiting, I determined to try it here, and accordingly PARALYSIS, showing weakness of the muscles of the face and

Catarrh is very often met with in a chronic form; in other

with prolapsed ovary, i case ; prolapsed ovaries, i case ; from February, 1909, until February, 1910. He had his first attack in Frequency of Poisoning by Arsenic. (London Lancet.) — From the tizafen 350 mg burton, Charlottetown; Nova Scotia — John Stewart, Ha- six caualiculotomies, four chalazia, one sarcoma of conjunctival

search of adventure. He visited successively London, Pavia,

■with their elevation. Xot so the Medical officer ; as he feU, education equal to a high school course, four years


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