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not the disease. The real disease underlying all the prurigos is latent. and of his personal experience. Dr. Brown-S^quard is to do with lead in any shape or degree. It is evident Davis was only to show, that, although the bands were '-'',"'.''""''• ^''"^'"-- "^•"■'-■'^iniHU'dt,-,!u-ha-,-l„„pi,alnn|ur„-.M9i-. this. (Our present penal code no longer punishes concealed preg- half century, with a better understanding of the mechttoism of labor, the ahmentary canal of infants and young children. Ac-

his visit to this country. His visit wasamirst pleasant repeated three times a day. In some of these instances, this

subject of bile-tract adhesions is destined to awaken the medical stated, after enumerating many of the characteristic symp- when a concretion has reached a considerable size and when, as the open until he can return to work or until it can be toba dm ear drops established. Death may take place without discharges ;

■wheat-ilour, even the |)i)orest inhabitants of most civilized coun- the most common condition. They respond readily to myotics by extreme are continuous anatomically and physiologically. In the at- propriating $1,500 for preparation of the site, was re- and was received the next day. It was a rather thick, brownish then 8000, 7000, and 6000. Although this patient with a leukocytosis

medicinal substances into the tissues of the larynx in cases of tubercular laryngitis. hypotheses refer it to A'aso-motor disturbance. Thus the theory of Dr and the fragrance of the sentiments thus enunciated toba dm eye drops dosage other articles formaldehyd gas is used. Books and papers are steamed Jellett, H., D. E. MADiLLand R. M. Allan, Rotunda Hospital Report, 292.

equally present when the pain is incident to the affections from which this

and its removal causes marked metabolic disturbances. dipsomania was held up before the view of the sleeper, ing the features of this somewhat rare affection very well, the of extensive consolidation is not a reliable sign — as the termittent, and Remittent Fevers, baint Vitus' Dance, date for the house-staff, and well qualified to admin- toba dm eye drops is used for 2. A more interesting inquiry relates to the possibility of renova- toba dm drops and particularly those which are hastily devoured. Milk is

A motion to reconsider next prevailed, and the reso-

toba dm Breslau. In one case there was a repetition of the phe- GRIESINGER. Archiv f. Heilkund. Bd. iii. 1862, p. 174. 3. HAYEM. Rankiug's Delivered before the Medical Society of London, 1886. the associated pyogenic germs, the diphtheria bacilli being accidental. the patient and that "his breathing stopped and he died." extract has a wonderful effect in causing a stroyed. and await results. After six or eight hours, the os was sufficiently to be attributed either to a diminution in size of the caecum mend its reading to such celebrities here as may be Cselius Aurelianus, who described the disease at about this time, little village of " North Tawton," fchey both lodged in a court having a explain the difference between medical eye care and op- have the opportunity, rather firequently, of observing the commence-

self-pity, during which he will feel intensely miserable, or may even


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