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cases of Ciesar, Napoleon, and Petrarch. The statistics of Reynolds

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allied sciences, there was no teaching of veterinary medi-

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some questions rationally ; for the first time he protrudes bis tongue, which is furred and red ;

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get the correct route, and be able to deal with them surgically.

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curred from it. Then we had frost, and a little later snow fell,

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on the lower surface of the liver, at the point of insertion of the umbilical

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very "give and take" between the different parts of the kidney, and between

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these miserable persons perished, nor did fever, properly so called,

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pardon the repetition for the sake of their brethren

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of the watch. This double error may amount to several seconds. The

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abuse potential is low. The mechanism of analgesia from

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Presse, Nos. 43, 44, 1879) and Professors Besnier and Vidal of the St. Louis

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cient, irregular, or morbid assimilation and distribution of the constituents

torsemide 100 to lasix

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is least exposed to sources of irritation and local in-

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the |)atient. and some of them will not consent at all

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tion of the birth, which forms, when filled in at the proper

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this a tampon of iodoform gauze was placed in the vagina to

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to the shoulder, when considerable pain and stiffness

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knife, and on second application of magnet the metal

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arm of his son, a healthy young man of twenty-live years,

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upon no more than a moderate share of attention and dexterity

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muscular forces establishes the mechanical functions.

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the area of the surrounding extia-rcctal cavity to a

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transferred from one to the other without loss of ac-

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must be regarded as most favourable, especially when we consider that it has

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particular (Bruecke) ; obstruction of the venous circulation (G.

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on Public Policy and Legislation at its meeting May 17, 1916:

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a certain amount of antitoxin may be added to the crude diphtheria

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in full and shows its advantages. We know t)f no book more

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that of an orange, aud on section contained abundant

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less in the female. The left kidney is" longest, thinnest, and light-

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lections of the muriate of pilocarpine] re- cornea and through the muscle to be ud-

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given his evidence. It is simply disgraceful to see medical

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It would seem, however, that the Report published by Dr.

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while Stellwag asserts — long ago, to be sure — that they

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All the Provinces have central examination boards, but it is not

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to tie the ureter and vessels en masse so as not to prolong the operation.

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shall lie horizontally; then, pushing the lower blade along the posterior wall

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Pott's Fracture. — Fibula fractured about three inches above the

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paper with this title. She gave details of forty-six

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a great amount of both local and constitutional irritation.

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Radiation takes place best when the air is stUl, dry and cold

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Murchison saw a patient whose pulse was only sixty during the early stages

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Wisconsin Society of Pathologists Luncheon (open to all interested physicians)


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