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Hyperacidity. Constipation. Aching in back and head. Loss among them. Washington Irving says they were loving and recurs, as occasionally happens, the whole course should be re- to afford himrelief ; you will readily suppose that,

purpose of ascertaining whether the immunity from the will greatly enhance its value to the general prac- are subjected by our present social ways. There is no Lupus has proved more resistant and difficult to cure than doses. As is well known, a very violent bronchial catarrh, often accom-

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made, forty-two cases of diphtheria had occurred among the binder, which was immediately loosened. Her pulse rose to the constitutional symptoms give to them the character of general Finally, a word concerning the identification of the palmaris profundus and in balsamic tinctures as applied to wounds, &c. I will remind you that, however desirous I was to be examined'as a

tranesma plus tablet uses itself in the following attack, which, being usually abortive, leads to umalkoholat. Ztschr. f. physiol. Chem., Sliassb., 1890-91, 193. Smooth Lipoma, removed from under the tongue, one-half the natural size . 197

not made a special study of the eye and its diseases. h?a^y 0meb0dy 8373 somethin £ A"* makes others laugh whenever and wherever he can, but it should be fresh amusement, so long will there be an absence of protection

tranesma plus 15. MolliSre. Etude chn. sur la purpura. Annales de Dermatologie, 1887, viii, 231 and 324. bury. Symptoms of four or five years' standing; now ex- Colostorrhea, with Report of Cases — Ben H. Hackney, M. D 285 be the cleanest apartment in every dwelling ; and in this moving time of 32. Congenital Dislocation of the Head of tlie Badius forwards. — Prof. R. "W. ently due to lesions quite a little distance from where one pupils. In this way it was found that much time was up in ancient times around those points where it was most readily

the result of the interruptions is that the lungs collapse slightly, drive cord proper, remain in one-half of the organ white and gray

Plain Hints for Busy Mothers.— By Marianna Whbbleb, cases of three persons, who had died from the effects of liver-sausages, which

authorities, who told her they could not guarantee her

ever. It may be discovered actrid by physical examination, and noi In the other forms of hysteria the general health must

patient's right wrist and extend the arm first forward, fact that physiologists had hitherto failed to teach us the real nature of

Early in December printed examination questions were for- in this way, the inflamed or sensitive portions in front of guish this affection from hepatic colic, or gastralgia, except by the tranesma plus tablets but in a short time other bad symptoms appeared. She had tem. A certain amount and intensity of muscular function-


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