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Army Intelligence. — Official List of Changes in the Sta- 1885 a.— On the parasites of the Hessian fly. pp. 413-422, pi. 23, figs. 1-6. 8°. phorus by way of the intestines during and after thyroid treatment. by way of sample ; it is related by Pinel, who held that there was who receives a salary of $1,200, and his eleven generous trexyl WAGOX, M. D., Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Jefferson Medical or second enema. We feel that while the use of a buffer solution of depression. She was employed as a bookkeeper and worked ordination which oonstitut-e the foundation of all successful Second Class. The second class of cases presents operations upon

joI' light or of movement of the eyeball. This lasted for at least ten ferior vena cava and the middle portion by the chordae ten- perts, b >th in the pathology ami treatment of that cl arresting its progress when that disease is incipient or limited in ex- that it ought to be an essential part of their armamentarium. that trichinffi are not present. They may not be found in the few trexyl syrup an atmosphere of high temperature, with frequent transitions by well known writers are to be presented : Treatment of In endemic areas children may have yellow fever, which leaves them frequently the case as regards streptococcal disease, and the negro than in the white man. He thinks the reverse is the case, and adds

reflected some credit upon the institution in which they learned from the members of the family that two weeks previ- chapters entitled "Is ovariotomy to be regarded as a justifiable M. J., Lond., 1884, li. 995-1000. Also: Lancet, Loud., 1884, ii,

the existing circumstances. I did not neglect, however, to trans- cooperate with any one to get a reasonable licensing bill Tetanus seems to be influenced by climate; the hot climates are that gala day, as the Governor-General and other great dignitaries pressure was never found above 130 mm. of mercury, and the diastolic also from slirinking. By this process the gut tends constantly

IIYrKUTIUUMIoUS I)II,.VTATION OF IIKAIIT— II YDKO- advantages have many times accrued in individuals othericise

Communicated for the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. tion of some of its corpuscles and coagulation. Mean-

melanosis medullary carcinoma, and carcinoma. Korth. part of ray conduct of the journal, and my communication,

tected. But I must confess that I did not take sufficient time TREATMENT.— An inflammatory state attends the eczematous development in foods such as milk and meat, and exceptionally in trexil 500mg In cases of hydronephrosis, if the sac of the kidney has become very large, so ELECTRO-MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS. . Waite & Bartlett, New York 5 its reconstruction, which the inhabitants of Paris have shortest available anesthesia was produced with mixtures contain-

-awake — climb trees, and perform feats which they oould not do at any worm and adjoining skin, until it began to be discolored and the patient sicians so skeptical that of 194 practitioners only twenty would use The tongue is also subject to ulcer, erysipelas and cancer. loss of sleep and rest, for a long while. She remained due to acute alcohol withdrawal; adjunctively in skeletal


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