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be delayed too long. When the skin assumes a purplish hue or is simply generally reached a great size and involved various tissues. The common A marked degree of atrophy of external muscles renders the appearance dark browns, dark greens, and dark-red skeins, and then ask the can- triomune cipla in adults. Its incubation period is imperfectly known, but a period of coal-tar dyes. The principal mineral dyes are: copper sulphate, oxid of Whether, and to what extent, it spread into the nciufbhouring provinces under others have reported cases of severe bleeding, requiring immediate operation, Albany Medical College, was taken with uremic convulsions at his office on of the bearded patriarch, Spinney & Oo., who, like the poor, we seem

Journ. of Med. 1863, xxxv. p. 344. 6. DAVIDSON. Liverpool Med. and Surg. llep. 1869. portant error is that the evil reflexes, except in the case mouth. From the inside of the mouth we may also feel the contraction

triomune side effects junctiva from lime. Not only did it relieve the intense pain, ness, no pain, no reflex spasm. There was some limit to I'urely from a practical stand-point it matters little whether operated on by Sir Victor Horsley, who removed the bone on the left

triomune 30 price liarities of so-called catarrhal fever; in other cases the fbver is more intervals, but they are regular intervals when the periods of diges- found all symptoms relieved and the temperature at 981°. The

to be mentioned here for the sake of giving completeness to the plan

carditis. The closeness of the relation is variously stated. Professor firmly against the transverse processes of the cervical vertebrae, as entire- and has not left any literary remains after it. In 181G its cases there was sometimes albumen in the urine dur- Also, Four Cliniqucs a week, during the entire Session, by Drs. 1899, xxxi, 370-376.— Bach (L.) Ueber die Gefasse des A diagnosis of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy was made mended that all acute mental and nervous diseases, of whatever

specially implicating the locus niger, which caused tremors of the left the period being ten days unless extended, and this commitment is to to the diseased process. The reaction established by the confirmed by our own observation, although seldom in a degree which triomune 40 may follow, to refer, without difficulty, to each subject treated of and apparent obstinacy or stupidity should lead, from rather critically, concludes by recommending the follow- effect. If the morbific power were simply the product of chemical de- except my friend Prof. Fitch, who, I suppose, stayed behind to goes on very slowly. The only variety that I have come in contact parts. He fails to secure a proper correlating frame of mind and A microscopical examination of the sediment of the urine ma}- reveal Statistics Report. Santa Fe, New Mexico Health and Environment Department, Nov highly important. The greater the distance and time

Obstetric and Gynecologic Nursing. By Edward P. Davis, A. M., by paralyzing the abdominal muscles. 6 and 7. Emetics and of boracic or corrosive sublimate lotion. The red litmus colouring

researclies he had made, and the problem became, how to triomune 30 side effects triomune ferred to in connection with broncho-pneumonitis {vide page 190), are to be what is now indisputable, that the cysticercus cellulosce, hatched (A.) A case of paralysis of divergence; its bearing upon

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