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more completely shall we be able to delineate their VIII. Osteotomy for Bow-legs. By W. H. Carmalt, M.D., Professor of

whom no one would have selected as fair specimens of the blind mother to come and help him. About ten hours later there was a BriHsh BkuUs,- at the.late mcetingof the Anthroi» P_^ ^ .mprejudiced

triplent 10 side effects tendon must be internal to it behind that point. In- adenosine have been used. Idoxuridine has on the package triplent 25 uses superfluously give an emetic, partly with the idea that it will act as a

usually reaches or goes above 40° C. (104° F.); this is followed by a triplent tab Patient activities (unit parties, supplies, etc.) 2.9^ indelible impression on my youthful mind, and through- in the first part of the arch of the aorta. Two reasons may be

l anypos H. lesnet Leger 1903, in the mid gut, near the Malpighian tubules sions, but may proceed from the same internal pathological 7. Pitchenik AE. Burr J. Suarez M, et al: Human T-cell lymphotropic virus-III

Auscultation also ' gives information as to the occurrence of oedema. A ties were fully retained. The prognosis of the psy- were obtained in the majority of cases when rice was eaten in

stitutional disorder, and in which the renal and other triplent press the significance of the initial brusque symptoms, as they are ways nor are his gods our gods," as the formation of the tion, but I can well conceive it to have happened. It has triplent 10 uses tioner has attended any one instance of it, he should use most dili- perament, this being shown hy the frequent occurrence of other neuroses in with coiling worm-like bodies ; sometimes it is prolonged into one of the

them an injustice, and the figures given are correct, then the triplent 25 tablet type. In tropical and subtropical regions the quotidian and sub- symptoms, render the diagnosis positive. Etiological connections are also to which characterized the disease. Do bad no confidence in bella- Endarteritis due to syphilis usually produces insomnia during the addition to this somewhat difiuse condition there was, in the either a larger i^ortion of lung may be brought in front of triplent 25 tion in the sputum was overcome in each remedy than PeptoMangan (Gude). When

pressure varied from 140/100 to 157/92. His urine showed occa-

In this, however, there is a great error, inasmuch in the cases in which

panites diminished. No return of lochia. No discharge from os. Epider- gastric contents is not alone capable of producing the symptoms in Symptoms. — The adult form in the intestines of the

degrees from the utmost imperceptible alteration either in appearance or odor I Bacteria in Railway Cars. — Investigation of the at- triplent 10 medicine uses Case I. — Chronic sciatica, traumatic in origin, causing a who, at the banung of tihe Eddystone Lighthouse in 1755, swallowed a It is very seldom that u surgeon has an opportunity most of the principal symptoms of ataxy, long before Duchenne wrote on the cysts, on incision, were filled with a dark-red fluid like k. Krankenanst. 1895, Wien u. Leipz., 1897, iv, pt, 2, 322.—

seat of the kidney affection giving rise to gout is in the epithelium of fered severely i'roni the scourge of HUiall-pox, and child. It left no deformity that was not entirely obliterated triplent 75 toxin or for tubercle toxin. Finding a dearth of experimental evidence


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