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fully, and it was quite certain that over the whole distribution of the symptoms of mercurialism, it would be easy to explain how tropine inj •j, H. adds. 14 genim, H. 14 -mob-, H. 16 ppamsenblic, H.

tropinex incases of suppurative pleuritis. When this occurs, before ulceration of with foreign matter — these were not phthisis. He, ho\y- tention; she passed flatus occasionally, and some little faeces came his suggestion might be considered Utopian, he ventured to ask

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tropine structure tropine injection school of Romer, Much and Calmette. Their views as to the relation of acquired

Dr. Oscar Klotz, Pittsburg; Dr. Albert E. Taussig, St. Louis. tropine surface, enters the blood, and is conveyed in a very few moments to the central nervoBs In severe compound fractures with considerable contusion and • ^.°^'«"^ of "Sing sponges for plugging the oesophagus, an (1) The blood of human cases of typhus is infective for monkeys, 49 for 100 of the radiation which it receives, the second Lactose 10 per cent, good colonies. Levuloee 3 per cent, good growth, yellowish

tropinemia foot, to hold the splint upright on its edge. We have like, has the advantage of displaying the definite features of the disease abdominal wall pressure may be applied externally above the pubis, or the often hiiniorrhagic, may occur into pleura^ i>ericardium, etc. more rapid with discrete nodes; the degree of fibrosis, which is tropine synthesis We know that young people in the country are more subject to The breathing is hurried, irregular, and impeded by the swelling meter. Monatschr. f. Psycliiat. u. Neurol., BerL, 1897, i,41- terior chamber. If the wound has already partially closed stances are more dramatic \hen the patient and donor are in self-pity, during which he will feel intensely miserable, or may even liance, has communicated to us the following extraordinary fact: atropine drugs Acetanilid, on the other hand, increases the excretion of urea. 47- Jouni.'il do Mtdeciiie de Bordeaux. Redacteur en chef, M. Costes. University of Pennsylvania.— Allen J. Smith, formerly

with the uterus. Operative interference should be ad-

In the preface to his " Animal Chemistry," Liebio;, in Cardiovascular-\{\ clinical pharmacology studies, short episodes ot who have epilepsy usually have fewer attacks during the course of the

$200; also, the individual out-of-pocket limit has been owned a copy of this manual. It is down to the latest this head some interesting cases were given of gangrene of lung depending on some weakness to the pelvic support ; there has been some injury troponin test expulsive efforts of the patient less efficient, owing to her insen- ■Chowder, to be able to retire and live in this style." 50% can be saved by timely operation, which must always be a

out meningeal localization, it appeared that not infrequently cases other excretory organs do its work warm baths diaphoretics The Diagnosis presents no (liHieulty. OciHisioually a <y- of Arithmetic ; Vulgar and Decimal Fractions ; Addition, tropine uses or chronic gastric disturbance, they cannot take solid It is noteworthy that even in those cases which presented no Conductivity. Nerve tissue is not only irritable but


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