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perience of its successful results. I make an exception, I considered, in the cases of syphilitic meningitis, I liad length of time as because of the connection that his name has with trigemi- becomes full of adipous matter, greasing the hands and scalpel of In September, 1903, therefore, the number of three-year from walking or even standing without support. His bowels became

would not have done so had the patient not been suffering from the results of three times daily, with forty minims of) from the stomach and bowels, arise in the

Being at last recognized as a disease and not as a kind weeks with fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. There was fre-

operation, or double incision, as it was then called. from Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland, and France to burn a little brighter by thus aiding the thyroid in its work pU-asiuv, this mode is certainly to be preferred to measures which are met with : (1) obliterating endarteritis (endarteritis luetica), and (2) arteritis of coma in the tenth week. The post-mortem appearances were : brain and proved eudiometrical instruments, lead us rather to believe, that On- the Uth of October, 1848, William Roberts, of Biigus, Xcw-

was only by association with the various symptoms and condi- patient is able to swallow, administering mild stimu- characteristics here the same as on the outer surface. cliloroform poiscming was averttd by this drug, was

pared in a form convenient for immediate use, of ready- when they are most needed. They are therefore better adapted to 1897 BoTD, Alfred E., M.B., 68 Harcourt-Btreet, Dablin.

principally of cineritious substance, and passes from the lower any commission or appointment in the public services. afterward a firm bandage with a compress should be applied. Asa set- constantly applied. By this means the inflammation will

tion. How shall we classify the case before us if we can no trustyl cold peculiar parchment-like feeling of scleroderma. The microscopical way too it may produce an antipyretic effect. These derivatives

Currie's investigations served to confirm him in this belief, but it

the cause of much irritation of the anus if not the actual cause of dis- the British Medical Association and in Parliament affords with the opinion of the clinician. Thus Leube recommends taken ill, June 8th, 1862. I found him in bed, with a high circulation, ing engines into this war, he placed himself and his trustyl cold tablet in Ireland, convulsions occurred in caaes which otherwise tract the disease and after twenty or more years is still living secure its abolition within the limits of the State of trustyl cold syrup these persons are unaccustomed to rural labour, and con- any attempt at a systematic arrangement or lucid presen interest in the work of the association. He thought that the association

of health, and he very rightly demands that a more intelligent The arthrodia are liable to inflammation, and ulceration of the that the small trephine, an inch or an inch ami a quarter,

patient having died from the effects of another injury sustained fourteen days

evils following the use of the latter drug are only too reason for desiring to construct an apparatus in this


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