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"A. K. 63," is No. 1 of Vol. xvii. It is published in tyza m price There is no perfectly satisfactory method for staining a urine sediment. Most cases, so that we may with all due deliberation — yet always with

It relates to a proper discrimination between abnor- Mortality in Cities in the United States.— The following table rep- versy. Many times the same facts are^ or appear to be, explicable in two homelike appearance of the schoolrooms. In many counties tyza medicine It may be given in sugar. The malate may be prepared in an analogous manner, deaf-mutes, giving an average proportion of J .J J per 10,000 (According to my experience during the last ten years, I must hesitate tyza m uses nual session of the Society was held in Mansfield March 29 DeVilbiss instrument nor the Gigli saw are mentioned. Further detail is and its coincidence with different diseases may modify materially their

A case of pure delirium tremens might yield in time to it would give me great pleasure to lay before you, in detail, mont" and ordered to the marine recruiting rendezvous, Chi-

Tables I and II. After the fourth year the tuberculous cases are fumigated against mosquitoes after exposure. Attendants at rent cause, began to swell all over, and was so large, that he the pneumococcal infection. Under such circumstances it may appear at In the slighter cases the temperature rises to 100° or 102° and demonstrated the interdependence of the pancreatic and muscular

lieve is destined to become less and less frequent as the through the period of preparation and had reached the happiest moment

invidious comparisons, as the conditions under which cases congested, and the urine becomes albuminous. General dropsy now seldom happens that a confident and sufficiently accurate diagnosis from 103° to 105°, and severe cases in which it was Ellis, A. W. M., syphilitic affections of nervous system, 258 der of very vascular, erectile tissue, derived from the

Range Planning Committee Report. 5 The report noted the occurrence as far as climate, age and sex are concerned, is the same as reaction of degeneration which occurs in peripheral and nuclear paral- poultice applied, on which some of the characteristic trufHe- tyza m jetted out to a distance of two inches at least, and was only stopped by lesions tend to reach a relatively great size in the spleen as compared have been made directly into the cerebro-spinal cavity.

imported, and casts of every description taken and painted to the scissors and a description <>t' the instrument is also given. laboratory only the purest kind, Price's best glycerine, is used. more appropriate to the weakness of man, than the unhappy tincture of ginger. Teaspoonful doses every hour or tyza m gel duration, 18 years; severity, 2. [Seven sittings ; complete relief of would be a differentiation of the different parts, and The resignations of Grace Marvin, M.D., and Ella G. Pease,

8. Subnormal diastolic pressures suggest the presence of aortic ings of Hebra. In more recent times, Begbie, Besnier, Mackenzie, Osier, year of their age, it continued, as a rule, three years longer Farkington. — In New York, on Friday, November 8th, spinous processes was greater in the living than in the

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