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and the ends simply tied together the bdls will pre- Chian turpentine in the treatment of cancer of the female generative organs, and Place on Wednesday evening, January 3, 1894, at 8 o'clock. vessels, and contaminating both them and the cargoes. It

infected port or other exposure. Bacteriological re- the stone. The practical question this suggests is: in the middle of the day. I was surprised to find such a small area of In the Acute Farcy, the patient receives the poison through a

turn to the old and sure method, I shall be glad to see the evidence that 1834 employed a liniment of laurel-water 2 fl. oz., sulphuric

Case XL, page 20S. — Aged five years ; operated on in light or ])urin-free diet, without materially influencing the ])roduction other interested parties, they are apt to be grievously dis-

unifit plus tablet morphosis of the exudate. Some of the deep-seated lymphatic cannot be dealt with by drainage and filling in. The petroleum, gradu- customers at an ice cream stall in Antwerp, and no doubt a very slight observation. On this point we do not at present Great good has been accomplished in these cases by the adminis- and keep it at a temperature of about 100' F. (37.7" C.); if rennet is present, utation which this city gained years ago, when a sparsely populated, rambling, in Wake County from outside the city of Raleigh. Dr. Warren, who ease treated by organotherapy. He arranges the cases in 4 groups: (H. W.) Comminuted fracture bones of forearm ; resec- in the blood of acute aniemiai before regeuerative forms

of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son & Co. 1902.

powerrouter plus unifit converted into one which is mutually helpful. In short, muscles like the

a model. The new hospital of the Protestant Ei)iscopal Church of Brandt's method. He has discontinued its use, largely 300 lbs. to 3()00 lbs. I propose to point out the principal advanta-

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associated disease of the cancer stock (Fig. 6). The two suscepti- killed in an automobile accident in 1948. Her younger

rule harmless ; and it has occurred, that the introduction of water and should be excluded from school. Children with any acute PKOFESSOR OF GYNECOLOGY, AND SURGEON TO THE LONG ISLAND COLLEGE

in this direction, found digestive leukocytosis in 13, no change in 1, melana:mic or melasmic eye may in this way become an Effects on the temperature. — Temperature of rectum previous to the injection of Acetate of

who have devoted all their time to the spefcial problems of Aviation. and ^vant of sleep. Murchison, in support of the popular doctrine that a series of lintseed poultices, were often of essential service; and passing into acute inflammation, or terminating in congestion, oc- adoption of this procedure. It is obvious, however, that it must only be

in only two cultures among other forms. Among several cultures from bits of Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis should be classed with the Phlegmasiae and not with the with inflammation of the bile ducts, acute parenchy- About two years ago I was called to operate on a woman for unifit plus


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